leather jacket

  1. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Joe Rocket Speed Master Leather Jacket - New Never Worn

    For Sale Joe Rocket Speed Master Leather Jacket New Never Worn. Size 48 US. USD $135 Delivered US Domestically. Make Offer. EDIT 12/03/19: The jacket has been SOLD. Excellent Condition Obviously as it has never been worn. Clean Smoke Free Home. Has armor in Shoulders, Elbow and Back...
  2. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    **SOLD** Triumph Triples Connection Leather Jacket

    Selling this Triumph Triples Connection Leather Jacket. Size 48 US. Good Condition. Clean, Smoke Free Home. USD $150 Shipped Domestically.
  3. rangerbob56

    New Indian Leather Jacket For Sale

    I won this in a raffle. I love everything about it, except for the logo!
  4. Ishrub

    ** SOLD ** Triumph Rocket 3 leather jacket

    Au$225 + postage. I used 5kg (11lb) as an estimate and postage was Au$84.35 to the USA. i.e. Au$309 x 0.77 = US$238 delivered Straight Fit Style Inch/Euro 48/58 A- Chest - 128 cm B- Shoulder 54.5 cm C- Sleeve Length 70.5 cm Straight Fit Style Inch/Euro 36/48 38/48 40/50 42/52 44/54 46/56...
  5. DEcosse

    For Sale Frank Thomas White/Black Leather Jacket EU56/US46

    Frank Thomas White/Black Leather jacket EU size 56 US 46 Lightly used - there are a couple of minor blemishes as shown in the reference pics Overall the condition I would say is 'good' This has excellent heavy-duty leather and armour Has Zip-out Liner and zip for attachment to pants The front...
  6. DEcosse

    For Sale Frank Thomas Black Leather Jacket EU54/US44

    Frank Thomas Black Leather jacket EU size 54 US 44 Lightly used - no noticeable blemishes shown that I could find Overall the condition I would say is 'very good' This has excellent heavy-duty leather and armour Has Zip-out Liner and zip for attachment to pants The front and rear...
  7. Smitty81

    Triumph Custom Leather Jacket - Thoughts?

    I love the look of Triumph's custom leather jacket. It's expensive but I don't mind as long as it's a quality jacket. Does anyone here have experience with this one in particular? I'd like to know your thoughts. Triumph Custom Black Leather Jacket | Triumph Motorcycles
  8. craig kirby

    For Sale Triumph leather jacket

    Hello, I have a nice triumph leather jacket to sale...I bought this jacket and its one size to small for me...let me know if anyone is interested in it...thanks Craig $225, free shipping in the US lower 48
  9. For Sale Leather Jackets Size XL

    I Have 3 Leather Jackets Available all with zip out liners: Icon Motorhead $140.00 Cortech $100.00 JoeRocket $50.00
  10. Rev'it Leather Jacket

    Bought a jacket for She Who Mus Be Obeyed recently....and she kindly wrote me a review of it! It's a thing called the Roamer by Rev'it. Really lovely quality. And the jacket's not bad either. http://bigbikemad.com/revit-roamer-l...et-review.html The jacket is available in a Men's version too...
  11. TOMCAT

    Triumph Thunderbird leather jacket

    Just wondering if anyone has one of these jackets .. what you think of it , and if they are still available in your neck of the woods ? Not had any luck with search for reviews or finding one for sale. Any help/advice be appreciated :thumbsup:
  12. Jeff Cameron

    Discounted Triumph Leather Jackets

    I have been thinking of getting a leather jacket for some time. I see on the Triumph site they have and used to have some nice jackets but the pricing is top $$$. Whenever there is a clearance posted on the site they never seem to have stock. Has anybody got a good source for buying a Triumph...

    Brown leather jackets

    I must own about 10 black leather jackets some i have out grown and hoping for the day i will fit into them again. i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a great looking brown leather motorcycle jacket. I found this style on line that i like but the emblem on the back is getting...
  14. lowered price on leather jacket

    Hey guys, I lowered the price on my leather jacket in the classifieds to $200 which includes shipping. Don't miss out on this deal. Dave
  15. Rocket 3 leather jacket, come on guys!

    I put a leather jacket in the classifieds, and had 50 lookers and no bites. This jacket is super nice, you don't want to miss out on this deal. Is it priced too high? I will work with you. The only reason I am selling it is because it is a 44 and is too big and doesn't fit me right. I...

    Free leather jackets from Triumph

    While riding to work at 0530 I caught a glimpse of an odd set of headlights in my rearview of my Rocket. Just as I was thinking "Hey! thats a Roc..." it passed me and the Rocketeer pointed to my R3 and gave me a thumbs up. The first thing I'll mention is that this was only the 2nd Rocket I have...
  17. BanjoBart

    Favorite Leather Jacket

    I am shopping for a new leather jacket, something with shoulder armor. I looked at a couple nice ones; Joe Rocket and Triumph Rocket III. The Tourmaster/Cortech Classic looks nice while viewing online. Does anyone have a favorite in the $200-$300 price range? A favorite vendor? Thanks.