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Sep 8, 2006
Lansing, MI
I am shopping for a new leather jacket, something with shoulder armor. I looked at a couple nice ones; Joe Rocket and Triumph Rocket III. The Tourmaster/Cortech Classic looks nice while viewing online.

Does anyone have a favorite in the $200-$300 price range? A favorite vendor?

My Wife & I bought the Integra Jacket by triumph at Lifecycle did you check them out while you were down there yesterday. It has the armor and removable rain/wind shell intergrated in it. Were planing on using our heated liners with them. I think they will work out nice as a all weather jacket that way. $200.00 retail
I guess I'm behind the times. I still wear my Brooks Marlon Brando style leather jacket. I bought it plus the leather jeans when I had my T120 back in '68 and I still fit in the jacket. The leather drawers are another story.:D

'course after the holidays, the jacket may be a little "too old" to wear anymore. I may have to switch to my Triumph grey with checkerboard leather that I bought at LifeCycle when I bought the '03 Bonnie. It has shoulder armor.

I still prefer the Brooks though. Besides, Brooks are 'chic.:eek:
I have the Triumph Pioneer Jacket, a clean classic look. Very similar to the Rocket III Jacket. Works well and it zips into my Triumph britches.:) I took out the forearm armour to allow a little more movement but I left the shoulder armour in. So many of the new jackets now make you look like a robot or something out of star wars.

I wonder if Triumph makes britches to fit me. My checkerboard leather has the britches zipper in it. I do have a question though. Are the britches easily detached? A potty problem could be a big problem with balky zippers.:eek:

By the way, are you a new dad yet?
I guess I'm behind the times. I still wear my Brooks Marlon Brando style leather jacket.

I do too, occasionally;) . It's falling apart, though. I bought the Rocket III jacket with matching zip-on pants last Fall and I am quite pleased with them. Only wish they would weigh a bit less. Jamie

I heard from somewhere that they (Brooks) were extermely collectable. Brooks leathers were made in Ferndale, Michigan, a surburb of Detroit which is about 70 miles north of me. My Brando Jacket has a zip out pile liner too. Actually, I bought 2 complete sets so one set is in mint condition, the other set is in very good condition. I keep them from drying out by applying Neatsfoot oil every year. Nothing smells like a good leather jacket.
Am Puzzled

Mine ain't no Brooks:( . Just a replica. I bought it new, 15 or 16 years ago from a leather shop in Portland Maine. I gradually adorned :p it with Harley badges, HOG pins, etc. . Now it has Triumph and RAT patches on it and a Union Jack... The hide is so punctured and worn out that I doubt it could endure a third round of grafts should I ever betray Triumph... :)

(10' later...)

Flip, I always thought that Marlon's jacket (the one he wore in "The Wild Ones") was a "Perfecto", made by Schott:confused: