1. REBLX136

    Corbin Gunfighter

    Anybody that’s had a Corbin gunfighter for a while, have you removed it and checked the state of the rubber mounts? The reason I ask is there is clearly a misalignment at play, the front mounts sit a good half inch back from the pads at the nose meaning the nose is unsupported and the rear set...
  2. ArizonaKid

    Corbin Gunfighter Seat

    I always ride solo on my R3GT and so took the backrest off and had installed the Triumph finishing pieces and the padded infill piece. I didn’t like the way the seat felt with that arrangement, so I ordered a Corbin Gunfighter solo seat. The hardest part was deciding on materials and colors and...
  3. tino19625

    Corbin Gunfighter for sale $500

    I had to purchase a dual seat so the wife could ride with me - with that, I'm selling this Corbin gunfighter seat that I just picked up this spring. I will take $500 USD [$200 off what I paid a few months ago] and will discuss shipping - PM if you're interested - thanks! I'll show receipt for...