first gear

  1. Navigator

    **SOLD** First Gear Kilimanjaro Jackets

    Now that I'm no longer touring I decided to sell two of my very nice Kilimanjaro jackets, both size XL. One is the black all weather that I paid about $300 for some years back but have not used that much. I would describe it as in Very Good condition. The last time I wore it was about 5 years...
  2. Jay

    For Sale First Gear Heated Jacket Liner, Men's Medium

    Sold. Selling my First Gear heated jacket liner. It is a 90-w liner and is made by Warm & Safe for First Gear. This is a men's size medium with elements in arms, chest, back, and collar. I have two of these and ended up not using this one, so now offering it here for sale. Excellent...
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