1. Hubguru

    R3R with Ramair and Dave Platt slip-on video with sound.

    Uploaded video to show sound notes of the new Dave Platt slip-on single. Dyno chart as well: I've had a lot of bikes and upgrades, ramair plus slip-on and dyno tune is hands down the most bang for the buck over any of my previous bike upgrades. The rocket really comes alive, quicker...
  2. kaivalagi

    Simple Slip-on Behind RHS OEM Sheild?

    Hi all, I tried searching but couldn't find anything specific to my question... As much as I would love a custom 3 into 1 header and silencer setup similar to what Paul is knocking out I just can't afford it right now...but I have had enough of the OEM trumpets and want to reveal the rear of...