1. kevin S

    Rocket 3 GT Exhaust Mod from Meerkat!!!!

    I was in contact with Peter Herrington ( Meerkat Mufflers) and he sent me this info for DIY method.
  2. kevin S

    Original blinkers/turn signal for Rocket GT!

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the original blinker/turn signal light (front and rear). In North America they have the ugly round style! Thanks!
  3. Rocket 3 Man

    Rocket 3 R 2020

    Hey fellow Rocket owners, I just traded my 2017 Rocket 3 Roadster for the 2020 Rocket 3 R. First service at 500 miles I’ll be doing myself with Rotella 15w 40 and using my reusable filter which I had on my old Rocket 3 which has a magnet to catch metal shavings. Wow I love this bike and I also...
  4. Penner

    Dyno Rocket 2.5 TFC vs Rocket 2.3 Roadster

    Both are OEM bikes. I removed all ECU restrictions. The Roadster (blue graph) also has a crossover pipe. ...
  5. ConanRocket

    Salutations from Kansas City

    Just signed up for the group, never even looked at the posts before! Just got a 2020 Rocket GT this past summer, love the heck out of it!
  6. toolittletime

    Rocket sidecar build

    Hi Guys For your amusement I am posting some pics of my Rocket sidecar build here. I started last week with building a sub frame that the car will mount to. The sidecar is one that I built 3 years ago, and is currently attached to my 2002 Moto Guzzi EV. First thing I had to do was make a new...
  7. mexican

    Thinking about trading my Indian Challenger for a new Rocket.

    Any bugs that i need to worry about? likes? dislikes? riding position? known issues? etc etc etc????
  8. Penner

    Free unrestricted maps for Rocket R GT and TFC now online

    I have now added the TFC and R model Just scroll to the bottom of the page https://tuneecu.net/Custom_Tune_list.html The European models will come soon Cheers
  9. Penner

    Free Full Power custom map for Rocket GT

    You will find it at the bottom of this page https://tuneecu.net/Custom_Tune_list.html Cheers Ulf
  10. smordue1

    CT on new Rocket

    Has anybody put a CT "Car Tire" on the new Rocket?
  11. dbackfan638

    Thanks for the Add

    I'm new to the Rocket 3 world. Picking up a new to me '16 Roadster today. Thanks for the add!
  12. Taurobiker

    II Evento Triumph Rocket III Espana

    Saludos para todos!!!! Ya tenemos fecha para el segundo encuentro de propietarios de Rocket III España, será el fin de semana de los días 21/22/23 de Mayo de 2021 en la misma ubicación, la sede de Segadores en la localidad de Mentrida (Toledo) Iré publicando información más adelante según...
  13. RocketManCleveland

    Wiring Aftermarket rear blinkers/indicators on rocket 3r

    I removed the stock components including the rear tire fender. Installing fender eliminator...however the wiring from the stock aparatus remains on the swingarm. there is also a wiring underneath the rear brakelight. Can anyone please steer me in the right direction on which ones to wire before...
  14. Guapete

    New Member, just order my first Rocket

    Hi guys, this 31 decembre come from order my R3R new, I'm very happy...:cool: but impatient waiting to receive it in 15 days. Before and now I ride with my lovely Yamaha XS400 '85 and Honda CRF450R.
  15. RocketManCleveland

    LaMonster Tidy Tail for Rocket 3R

    Hello and looking for some help...I am scratching my head on how to remove the rear fairing and get to the black undercover to mount the bracket????Many thanks
  16. Fat at rocket

    Hello my friends this my 3 rd rocket glad to be here .

    I am new to site but not new to cycling.
  17. Dale

    Hello all, just got my first rocket at 61yrs old

    Just bought a classic 2006 as in my avatar, had hundreds of bikes in my life but my first rocket. Can’t wait to get it but its having a gearbox rebuild as it was found to be jumping in 2nd gear under hard acceleration whilst on its pre delivery inspection. I decided I still want the bike so the...
  18. Rocket 3 coughs at very first throttle opening

    I have a rocket 3 which has a ramair kit fitted. but I just can't seem to get it to run right. as I first open the throttle I get a small cough or stutter as if the bike is going to cut out. I have set the TPS, and fitted a new stepper motor. I have tried 2 TPS sensors, using ECU tune I have set...
  19. cmintegra

    Crash bars, engine guards, sliders Rocket 3 R/ GT

    Hello again fellow rocketeers! Does anyone has any knowledge about options to protect the bike in the event of a tip over or a drop? God forbid that one of Us have to endure such a predicament, but even Valentino Rossi had to be prepared for the worst case scenario... I've been searching...
  20. cmintegra

    Rocket 3 GT power port to a Battery charger/tender?

    Hello Folks, it's a pleasure to be here! I have one (maybe newbie's) question: can we use the port on the left of the windscreen's base to connect a battery charger/tender for storage of the Bike or should we go straight to the battery itself with the usual Industry standard 2-pole SAE...
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