1. Tal

    2020 Triumph Rocket 3 'Superbee'

  2. Taurobiker

    1° Evento Triumph Rocket III España

    Saludos compañeros!!!! Hacer saber a todos que estamos organizando el primer encuentro de propietarios de Rocket III en España!!! La fecha será el fin de semana del 08 y 09 de Agosto de 2020 en la localidad de Mentrida en la provincia de Toledo Se celebrará en la sede de Segadores una...
  3. 1olbull

    Best New Rocket Vid So Far

    Watch the Triumph Rocket 3 R set a motorbike 0-60 record & trounce a McLaren
  4. G

    rocket III classic won't start

    hello everyone i have a 2008 rocket III classic with 33,000 miles, and i have ran into a problem. i noticed the unit as slow at starting sometimes then one cold morning in the great state of georgia the unit wouldn't start at all. so i letit sit for a week on the charger, went out one saturday...
  5. 7Sevens

    Things I LOVE about my new Rocket!

    Oh, yeah - she's a keeper!
  6. 7Sevens

    Picked up my new Rocket !!!

  7. Taurobiker

    Triumph Rocket III España

    Saludos!!! Me llamo Pepe, vivo en Valdemoro al sur de Madrid (España) tengo una R3 del 2006 y quiero reunir a propietarios de Rocket III de España y a todos aquellos miembros hispano hablantes para poder compartir toda la información posible sobre nuestro modelo ya que no existe mucha...
  8. Mike Rocket

    Dealer tool Question

    Has anybody used the dealer tool to (the one you can purchase from the web) bleed out the ABS unit on a Rocket 3?
  9. Jay

    JBQ Looking For 2020 Rocket for Prototyping Lift Adaptor

    I just saw this on my local Craigslist: 2020 Triumph Rocket III wanted for product development - wanted - by... Opportunity for some free parts if any new 2020 owner is close to Bedford VA willing to be without their bike for a few days/weeks. I have a JBQ lift adaptor permanently mounted on...
  10. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Dyno'd Triumph Rocket 3 | Factory Custom (TFC) vs R3-R

    SCOOP! 2020 R3's (TFC vs R) Dyno'd - Awesome Result!
  11. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Triumph Rocket 3 | Test Ride

    The all-new 2500 cc Rocket 3 - whoah, what's not to like?
  12. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) Rocket 3 Uncrating

    My friend Erik's new and very special Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) Rocket 3 Uncrated!
  13. Alistair

    2018 rocket Ecu tune factory block

    Hi all I’m advised that if I try and change the tune on 2018 rocket then the ecu will lockup and will need to be sent back to the Uk to be unlocked. I want to fit my new pipes but hesitant until I get this risk sorted. Any ideas?
  14. D

    just got a free rocket and getting it on the road.

    Hi all. I'm james dean. I usually ride a 03 honda shadow spirit 750 that I absolutely dog out. had to sell it after I wore it out. did some dog sitting and ended up with a free Rocket. it's been sitting a while and needed some love. still waiting on money to get a new back tire...
  15. jack Arzoomanian

    New Rocket defiantly can launch.

    So got her broke in and did my little mod on the rear. Hit the plate on a hard compression but that's OK it's got a nice role to it now. And completely a back wheel bike WTFO loving her hard. Pritty easy On the fender mod took about 3 hours mostly figuring how to pull it apart
  16. daytonageo

    2005 Rocket Purchase

    Going to check out a 2005 Rocket with 19K on the clock and intermittent starting issues. Owner says no other problems. I think I can solve the starting. Any other things to check on a test ride? Thanks!
  17. G Williams

    Goodbye K1600 - Hello Rocket 3 R!

    Ordered my Red Rocket 3 R today - Can't wait to be back on a Rocket! Delivery estimate is end of Feb, which is much sooner than I had expected. Waiting list on the GT's is longer though..
  18. Mark Johnson

    Rocket III Badges

  19. Tal

    2020 Rocket oil filter

    Those of you who have your bikes may be able to enlighten me...what is the brand and number of the oil filter on these new bikes?
  20. Lamonster

    2020 Triumph Rocket 3 Fender Eliminator

    This is a mod I was really wanting to get done right away. I love the looks of that big fat tire and the clean look of the backend. What do you think? 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 Fender Eliminator by Lamonster posted Jan 17, 2020 at 5:27 PM 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 Fender Eliminator by Lamonster...
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