1. cw021382

    For Sale 05 rocket, mid Missouri, 9000 miles, 4100

    Hi Guys. It’s been some time since I have been on here. This is not my bike, but I ran across it on Facebook and it looks like a great deal. It has the Corbin bags, and heated seat. It’s low miles, and looks to have other accessories as well. The pictures are not great, but if someone is...
  2. tribal

    Rocket running poorly, suggestions welcomed

    Crap, I just barely limped into my motel before dark. Symptoms: Over the last 200 miles the bike started having hesitation issues as I was taking off. The last 50 were pretty bad but once I got rolling on open highway it seemed OK. 15 miles ago I hit traffic and had to keep pulling in the...
  3. rocketbill

    Old member but newer rocket

    Have not been active on the forum for awhile, but have been missing a rocket. I had a 2005 but hit a deer and totaled it. Was able to pick up a very lightly used 2018 (123miles.) guy traded it in on a slingshot. I really missed the good looks, unique sound and torque. I am back and loving my new...
  4. tripX

    warning 283 rocket x

    I was to pickup my rocket X tomorrow. number 283 but when the guy wouldn't give me the vin number for a security check he got very unfriendly. The bike is under finance and should not be purchased by anyone. He is located in port Lincoln south Australia. beware spread the word. so now of hunting...
  5. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale 2006 Triumph Rocket III Classic Garrett Turbo cycle trader Wisconsin $6000

  6. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale 2007 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic cycle trader Indiana carp sidewinder $6500

  7. B

    New to the forum great to be here ride an 05 rocket

    Hey all full time rider love all styles but have always been a go fast boy. Built nitrous cars and track bikes but love anything that makes more power corners harder or looks daper. Looking to do a renthal tracker bar with a riser mid mount rearsets and some speakers for the long hauls...
  8. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Joe Rocket Speed Master Leather Jacket - New Never Worn

    For Sale Joe Rocket Speed Master Leather Jacket New Never Worn. Size 48 US. USD $135 Delivered US Domestically. Make Offer. EDIT 12/03/19: The jacket has been SOLD. Excellent Condition Obviously as it has never been worn. Clean Smoke Free Home. Has armor in Shoulders, Elbow and Back...
  9. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Handle Bars Rocket Classic Tourer New Never Installed

    Rocket Classic Tourer Handle Bars. New never installed. Slightly wider and with a little more pull back than a Standard/Roadster. USD $75 + Shipping.
  10. kipper

    Rocket TFC

    I was at my local dealer today and got a chance to get a seat on the new Rocket TFC . My first impressions were it feels much smaller than my Classic, slightly higher seat height but I could still get both feet on the ground (I'm 5'6" ). Lifting it off the sidestand it felt much lighter but...
  11. Rocket Man III

    Boosterplug for 06-09 Rocket 3 Classic

    I ordered a Boosterplug this month and love it. It really smoothes out the jerky low gears and adds significantly to acceleration. To my surprise I got a 2nd one a week later. I’m not sending it back to Denmark so if you are interested I will sell it for $100.00. They are $159.00. Call or text...
  12. Jay

    For Sale SOLD Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Rear Chrome Rack Kit New A9758068

    sold Another rear rack available for the Touring, to mount on the quick release passenger backrest. Looks like steep shipping if you are not in the UK, but it is new and hard to find if you are looking for one: Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Rear Chrome Rack Kit New A9758068 RRP £113.00!! | eBay
  13. Jay

    For Sale Triumph Rocket 3 / Roadster Long Haul Touring Seat Back Rest Only

    Not mine, but another long haul rider backrest for those looking: Triumph Rocket 3 / Roadster Long Haul Touring Seat Back Rest Only | eBay
  14. dandiego

    The original Rocket!

    Ladies and gents, I give you the 1965 BSA Rocket.
  15. chrisw

    New to forums - Just got a rocket classic

    HI all, I have been reading the forum for a while, whilst deciding between a Rocket and a VMAX 1700. Rocket won! Current looking at decat options. I have another cat which I have cut the top off just to see how the cat element is positioned and have been able to take it out. May replace cat...
  16. Broadside

    What a state new rocket ?

    Just got to the coast and parked up near the new rocket that's well battered , prefer the old one sorry.
  17. Jay

    For Sale Triumph Chrome Luggage Rack Kit For Rocket III Touring, A2306380

    Not mine, but for those looking for a rear rack, here is one for the Touring: Triumph Chrome Luggage Rack Kit For Rocket III Touring, A2306380 | eBay
  18. albertaduke

    For Sale rocket III 2012 (2nd page) SOLD.... SOLD....

    if I am to deliver the bike I will need a non refundable deposit before travel . my personal email is albertaduke@gmail.com and I am located in kaleden close to the us border of oroville wash. along with the bike I will sell the trailer as well it is a former two horses bumper puller...
  19. albertaduke

    For Sale rocket lll roadster 2012

    end of the line for me ... up for sale .rocket lll 2012 for clarity I will list under performance what I have added in power and under convenience everything else bike has 20 000 miles or 32 000kms is a 7 out of 10 in appearance .all black . been maintained by a triumph dealer nearby for...
  20. vindex1963

    The Rocket and Mrs Vindex's Spyder

    I have an incredible wife and riding partner. Here's a couple photos of her 2012 Can Am Spyder RT.
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