1. Rocket Scientist

    "Scot in Exiles" Rocket fixed ?

    Ellow, David ! Have you got your Carpenter bike back yet ? If so, what was the culprit ?
  2. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale 2006 Triumph Rocket III - $5950 3000 miles

    2006 Triumph Rocket III Craigslist , wisconsin .
  3. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale Craigslist 2006 Rocket. Tacoma WA $5500

    2006 Triumph Rocket III
  4. Darron1117

    New Rocket III owner-Houston,TX

    Hello all, Just purchased a 2012 Rocket III here in Houston with 4600 miles on it. Got a good deal on it and after I cleaned and detailed it, it looks showroom new. This bike is amazing and the power delivery is incredible as well as smooth. Due to it sitting and the low mileage, I need to...
  5. C

    New to Triumph

    Hi all, I have been “given” a 2011 Rocket iii Roadster in pieces, and have bunches of questions for all of the professionals out there willing to assist. :D I am very comfortable around working with challenging projects, including bikes, various vehicles and even working on 2 stroke boats. I...
  6. heinrichsmit

    Want to Buy Small Triumph Rocket wind shield

    I am looking for a nice (OEM) windshield for my 2005 Classic.
  7. heinrichsmit

    New Rocket guy in TX

    I am new to Triumph Rocket, but not new to bikes. I am picking up my 2005 Rocket next week. I have several vintage Kawasaki's and a few ZRX's. I am looking forward to my new Rocket and to connect with you guys on this forum.
  8. Grumpy Ole Codger

    Rocket has gone to a new home!

    On saturday just gone, 31st August, I have had to sell my beloved Rocket due to failing knee joints but She has gone to a good home. I had my right knee replaced in 2015 - twice! The first effort at replacing the joint and was inserted wrongly whic left me wandering around bandy legged as if...
  9. CCjon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    Just picked up a 2011 R3 to be the replacement tug for a sidecar camper set up. Will be replacing a well traveled worn out vstrom1000. The objective is not speed but torque and reliability. Am pushing a lot of air with the broad flat front end. Any recommended sources for R3 aftermarket parts...
  10. Namikuz

    Anybody know this Rocket?

    It's in Orlando now, no idea where it came from, lots of upgrades 17k miles...any history or previous captains. please let me know, deposit placed, comes with shipping and watranty.
  11. L

    triumph rocket X no 281

    Hi guys just joined the forum Iv got a triumph rocket X 281 Just wandered if anyone knows what satin black colour is used on the rear fender covers,the claw and 2 exhaust side covers ? Just need to find the correct satin black as i used one before but it was a little too shiny Thanks guys
  12. Namikuz

    Will an '14 tour engine go in an '05 standard

    Life got rough on us while in Jackson Hole Wyoming and a Toyota truck turned dead in front of us, I veered right, we clipped to rt fender and bumper, did not go down. Anyway, banged up the engine and cleaned off the left side of the bike, I need an engine, I found a '14 tour with 17k for a...
  13. ant

    For Sale Rocket classic 2007 parts

    Had a clear out in the garage a few things no longer required...On offer here before going on Ebay All parts from 2007 Rocket classic low miles. Radiator good condition.. offer Chrome covers complete set with bolts.good condition Clutch cover Black..good condition Ramair filter, NO SPLITS...
  14. lunatic

    Rocket market

    Was bored this morning looking at Rockets for sale in my area. Seems to be a lot in my area. When I purchased my bike just 3yrs ago it was hard to find one in my area. Now there are 5 of them kinda close, just a few hours away. Almost makes me want to go look at another...lol
  15. Rocket2500

    Thoughts on ordering a hybrid R/GT Rocket?

    A couple of weeks ago I put down a refundable deposit on the new Rocket, but can't decide which model to order. I have read that all the parts specific to the R are interchangeable with the GT and vice versa, so am thinking of trying to order a hybrid. In a nutshell, I would like the GT in...
  16. Chewy

    2006, Rocket 3, Classic, M-Lock, Schematics, keyless,

    I recently had the ignition failure everyone is aware of. I purchased some LEDs for my headlights and picked up a M-Lock for pretty cheap on Ebay. I am looking for a schematic for the 2006 r3 classic/m-lock installation.
  17. N

    Rocket TFC vs GT/R

    Does anyone know what accessories available for the GT/R are compatible with the TFC? I would like to be able to use the seat with backrest and bags. Are the TFC foot pegs adjustable forward/back like the GT or up/down like the R. I have a TFC on order and main concern I have is the ability...
  18. Jay

    **SOLD** Utopia Rider Backrest Triumph Rocket 3 in excellent condition.

    Sold Utopia Rider Backrest Triumph Rocket 3 in excellent condition. Asking $135 shipped in the continental US or plus shipping elsewhere. Bought from another forum member and decided to get the long-haul back rest and seat instead. So I no longer need this and listing it again for sale...
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