1. R-III-R Turbo

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Figured having gone to the trouble of swapping engines, i might as well post up a thread about it with a few pics,, someone might enjoy it :) The manual has a section on engine removal and replace, so no need for any additional guidelines, maybe just a few tips here & there.
  2. WyldCFH

    Houston we have a 2.5l Rocket! And not from NASA

    Stopped in at Gulf Coast BMW | Motorcycle Sales near Houston TX this morning for a quick look at the new Rocket3R To me, at 6'5" 198lbs... it is still small. It does not have the presence the old version has. The tank is bigger than it looks The contours for the knees are too close to the rider...
  3. Tal

    2020 Rocket 3 Roadster ride...Tal

    Well i got my ride today on the Red Roadster demonstrator at our local dealers. Brad was good enough to invite me to take it for a short ride. After doing the necessary paperwork i swung my leg over...the key fob was in my pocket and i hit the on switch, waited a moment and pushed it again and...
  4. Waz

    Rivco Touring Risers on Rocket 3 Roadster

    Hey guys, bought some Rivco Risers on eBay second hand, only to find out they're the ones for the Touring... will they still fit my R3R?
  5. headless74

    Best map for rocket classic 2008

    Hi, I would know which is the best map for my rocket without cat. I upload the 20221 and i disabled the O2 but I think is better the 20219. what do you think about it? What are the differences between the classic maps and the normal rocket ones? I though the engines was the same.. thank you in...
  6. Mittzy

    Took a Rocket R for a spin today

    I like it - turns in very well and is nimble - torque is smooth - a well refined bike IMHO Also told my TFC had arrived today - just got to get my $ organized :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsdown:
  7. Journeyman28778

    New Rocket Rocker for Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone! I saw this on FaceBook posted by a fellow named Hopper Mortimer and wanted to share. There's a lucky kid out there who's gonna have a really cool surprise Christmas morning!
  8. sonny

    Cycle trader and the Rocket TFC

    Reviewed cycle trader and They have a few TFC rockets for sale. Listed $29,000.Some listings say you can get on a list and hope someone backs out. Other listing say they have one for sale. I thought that the bikes were already spoken for?
  9. Plow Horse

    Encountered another Rocket in the wild today

    I went to the car wash to wash my bike this morning. After wiping it off I decided to take a short ride up the PCH to dry her off. Just went up a few miles to Huntington Beach and turned around had to stop at a red light there was a pack of cyclists waiting for the light to turn green. The lead...
  10. R-III-R Turbo

    2020 Rocket 3 GT/R owner's manual out now too

    Download Link :thumbsup: Specifications.... same as TFC
  11. 1K9

    Paint for Rocket

    I have carelessly dinged my TwoTone tank and would like to restore it to new condition. Does anyone know a good MC painter, preferably in Houston?
  12. Mr G

    Hi all just got myself a little ol Rocket

    Hi All from Bromley , Kent , UK Picked up a Rocket 3 Roadster the other day it's a 2014 one owner bike with only 2500 genuine miles on the clock , It has a custom paint job by 8 Ball Customs which was commissioned by Triumph Laguna Maidstone , Kent UK before it was originally sold . That's...
  13. Gregger

    2020 Rocket Launch Comparison

    OK guy... For those of you that have been on this forum for a while and were around for the launch of the original Rocket back in 2004, how does this 2020 launch compare to the 2004 one? Compare the interest, hype, feedback from the group at the time, prices, etc etc. I'm sensing that this...
  14. Mateo

    hola from Socal

    i have an 05 i bought as a dealer demo back in 06. A few years ago i blacked alot of the back and went with a zard exhaust. For sale I have the factory luggage rack with badge and pad with the flashing and trimlok, shocks and exhaust with catalyst collection box but sans header with about 8k...
  15. tribal

    Worldwide High Mileage Rocket 50K & 100K Club Listing

    I scoured r3owners threads since 2015 and FaceBook sites for data on high mileage Rocket III's with greater than 50,000 miles or 80,500 Kilometers and drafted the chart below. Some of the dates are OLD so hopefully they've been ridden a lot since the last posting. If not or you have updated...
  16. Michael_G

    Common Thread Article: 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 R and GT first ride review

    I just got this article in my Inbox and thought I would share with those who don't receive revzilla's news letter... 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 R and GT first ride review - RevZilla -MIG
  17. R-III-R Turbo

    2020 Rocket 3 TFC owner's manual out now

    Complete with gear ratios etc :D:D:D Couple of beers now and some light (178 pages) reading for the weekend :thumbsup: Download; https://images.triumphmotorcycles.co.uk/media-library/files/central marketing team/owners-manuals/tfc/rocket 3 tfc/rocket 3 tfc owners handbook american.pdf?la=en-us...
  18. ebg338

    Shopping for a Rocket - would appreciate any advice

    Hi everyone, Enjoy the forum. I'm currently shopping for a used Rocket Touring. Have had a few other street bikes and rode dirt bikes in my younger years. Would be very interested in things to look for - bike I'm currently looking at is an '09 touring with under 6K miles, appears to be in...
  19. ant

    Winter is coming in the UK..Hibernation time for the rocket.

    Time to garage the bike for the winter......and think about mods.:)
  20. Mark Johnson

    UK Rocket Roadster vs. USA Rocket Roadster comparison

    Can anyone tell me what the stock UK Rocket III Roadsters horsepower and torque is vs. the USA version? I would like facts if anyone has them. I hear stories of how the U.S. version is so detuned and choked down from the homeland version. Or can you point me to a thread that already addresses...
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