1. Stillserving

    Need pic of the rear caliper bracket

    So, my rear end noise is back. Seems to need a short ride to really become consistent and noticeable. When I crawled under it w/ a flashlight to look at everything in detail trying to find something I didn't like the way that the rear caliper mounting bracket met the frame where the fwd (torque...
  2. Navigator

    Anyone have a pic of Viking Exhaust header on a Touring?

    With TORs on my 09 Touring along with the Viking crossover piece, I have been considered getting Paul's custom exhaust header in the silver. As yet I'm undecided for a few reasons. The 09 stock header appears to be much better for exhaust flow than the cast iron one on my 07 Classic so one...
  3. Stillserving

    Tsukayu bags on a roadster. Here's a pic

    I've been eyeballing some Tsukayu bags for awhile now and am thinking about finally pulling the trigger. I'm really thinking about the "Jumbo Strong" bags, but don't know if I've seen a pic of them on a roadster. two questions: Does anyone on here have these bags or the "Strong" bags and do...