brake line

  1. Mr Mike

    Rear brake line replacement

    Has anyone done this ? Replaced line and bleeding fluid/air. Part of front to mid control change. Refers to service manual. Don’t think that’s available. Line does not go to rear brake, directly because of linked system. Not willing to do this without good info. May have to go to Stealer
  2. SoUrPuSs

    Extended front brake line

    I have revco risers along with the Allan Phillips t-bars the line is too tight and can’t be bolted where it belongs next to the neck anyone know where I can get a 3”-4” over stock line I have a 09 classic model
  3. Alloy Brake line size - Roadster ABS 2011

    Hi Folks, in process of a Cafe/Street racer build. I'm relocating the pegs hence need to make/install new alloy brake lines from the ABS unit to brake light switch to master cylinder. Does anybody have the specs on the alloy brake line size and type of fittings? Cheers P
  4. Claviger

    How to: Extend brake line on ABS bikes (cheap)

    I have avoided tackling this for 4 years, finally I have sorted it out. You will need the linked items below: JEGS 100784: AN to Inverted Flare Female Tube Adapter Fittings -3AN x 10mm x 1.0 Inverted Flare | JEGS Allstar -3 an to 10mm Banjo Fitting Stainless Steel Brake Hose Guage Turbo...
  5. rcket3

    Longer Front Brake Line for 2016 R3T

    Hi all I posted on the end of the last Rivco Riser thread but haven't got any response so will try here. I have just fitted the rivco risers to my 2016 R3T Re routed the clutch cable for now but have a longer one coming. Seems like I am the odd man out but I have found that my front brake line...
  6. Landstar

    Anyone use this brake line kit?

  7. Landstar

    Longer brake line Roadster please.

    Adapt adjust overcome I am lost fellows, this is the reponse I got From Barnett, so where do I find a 4 inch longer brake line. Will all the Thunder Bird cables fit, I see that they are about 3 inches longer, anyway I want to order this stuff, but I will not be home for a month. Does anyone know...
  8. tman

    Extending brake line

    Any suggestions on how to extend brake line for higher bars? Does the top line on the ABS junction block remove on the forward side so that the segment of brake line from junction to control can be replaced? If not, how do you extend line?
  9. Paul Bryant

    Rear Brake Line.

    Last week I went for a blast up the Valley and back for a little bit of stress relief, great ride, no problems. I got home parked the bike just outside the house and went off and did other stuff. Came back about an hour later to put the Bike away, just rolled down the hill to the workshop...
  10. BigNorm

    Effing brake line

    I'm having trouble getting this line to break loose. ( the top one ) Did they use lock tight on It? I don't want to strip it.
  11. BigNorm

    2014 R3T ABS brake line length

    Does anyone know how long the stock brake line is from handlebar to ABS box and what fittings are used? I need a brake line made 7" longer than stock. Any genders who could help with this would be appreciated as well.
  12. Poseidon

    2015 brake line kits

    Hi Guys I'm looking to change my brake lines on my 2015 rocket but cannot find any kits for models later than 2013. I contacted HEL to ask if their 2013 (ABS) kit would fit the 2015 model but they said that they were unsure and that i would need to find out if the 2013/15 triumph part numbers...