1. JR402

    New here from California

    Hi everybody, from the central valley of California. Just picked up my black 2020 R3R last Saturday with 6 miles on it. Spent the last week working out I. The SF Bay Area on active duty orders, so I’m already needing my initial service on it. Thought I would be more in favor of the swept back...
  2. Intro

    Long time motorcycle rider grabbing a new R3 next week. Looking forward to a new experience. Almost purchased a new Harley Low Rider S but decided to try this as my cruiser instead.
  3. Intro

    Newbie from Virginia Hello everyone!
  4. Bayrestowe

    Just my intro

    Live on PEI, Canada, having issues with popping out of gear.. figure its the detent spring on my 2008 R3T :)

    Hi I'm Steve Hedge. I've been quite obsessed by the New Rocket 3's so decided to sell my Yamaha XJR1300 & now have a Rocket3 GT Model on order. I was sad to see the XJR go - she was good to me but I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas atm. I look forward to chatting & meeting with you...