2008 R3 - Stalling - Engine Wind-out Required


Standard Bore
Sep 29, 2023
Triumph Rocket III
Hello all, new 2008 Rocket III owner. Drove it to the DMV all good. 5 miles. Return trip, power loss.

Could only make it back by "winding it out" and pinching the clutch. Now she won't run unless it is being over revved.

bought this from another owner, it had some old gas which has been drained and replaced. Still not getting any power.

Took it to a dealer, wanted to do a several hundred dollar pressure test. This was after the gas had been swapped and "allegedly" a new fuel pump was put in.

Any ideas on what my next step could be to get this running. I have tried the poor mans version of putting injection cleaner in the fuel tank. Ran it for about 5 mins, winding out the engine. Still no luck. No power.

Suggestions welcomed.
Can you post a video of what it sounds like running? Is it hard to start? How does it idle and at what RPMs? Mileage on unit. When were the valves adjusted last? What color was the gas when you drained the tank? Did you replace the fuel filter?
I had a similar experience with my 2004 Classic - it turned out to be the change to E10 fuel which swelled the internal pipes, therefore losing fuel pressure. New filter & pipes and all was fine again.