1. phar2slo

    2020 Bert Munro Challenge Feb 5 to 9.

    Rights guys and gals The Burt is on again less than 6 months away. I am heading down again on the Rocket for the 3rd time. I'm thinking of getting away From Christchurch on Sunday the 2nd heading down the West Coast. Tenting at a few towns in the way. I hope to get a few rides to some...
  2. Baloo

    Anyone used a Goose: Wingman of the Road?

    Ok, not rocket specific, but this isn't a bike forum anyway is it I'm considering a little tent for the rallies. I normally just have a hammock and tarp, which i love, but isn't always practical. Really like the look of these: Goose: Wingman of the Road Does anyone have one, seen one, or have an...
  3. Journeyman28778

    Aces & Eights Ride (Eastern TN) July 20-21st

    Edit: The Aces & Eights Ride is the new plan for Sunday. Weather and work dependent, I'm looking at a one or two day ride in eastern TN/western NC doing the Cherohala Skyway, The Dragon, and other related routes. I'll probably camp at Hunts Lodge Motorcycle Campground. This forum doesn't seem...
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