1. RockOn

    Shopping For Touring Model

    Still shopping for a Touring model to keep my '06 Classic company. Any thoughts about model years to avoid, if any? Are there any significant differences between the Touring model years? They run from, what, 2008 to 2018? Fair ballpark price range for the older ones, let's say 2008 to 2012...
  2. brsmits

    Swapping your floorboards for pegs. It's easy.

    I have a touring but wasn't a fan of the floorboards. I'm too used to pegs. So I started swapping parts with another user, and I took my first ride today on them. It's great! Here's what you need to swap: Right side: Floorboard rail with three bolts up front and two in back. Master Cylinder...
  3. ps915

    2014 R3 Touring battery reinstallation

    Having successfully removed the battery and trickled charged it for 2 continuous days , I am now under confusion regarding wiring . There are two black wires along with earthing cable that connect to negative terminal and a red wire plug that connects to the positive terminal along with earthing...
  4. brsmits

    Carpenter Sidewinder on a Touring

    Don't tell me it won't fit. It just needed some "persuasion." Ok, so here's the deal: I was originally looking at the rocket because it's crazy. Then I saw that carpenter had built it up to another level of stupid crazy. It was always in the back of my mind, but I liked my race bike and my...
  5. ps915

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring seat removal

    Good Evening friends , Hope you are safe and well . I am new to this forum and having purchased a rocket 3 touring (14) a few months ago , I find myself with a dead battery . I have been unable to ride because of the winter . I am trying to remove the seat to be able to trickle charge it . I...
  6. rocketbill

    New Touring rocket 3

    How many people would like to see a new rocket 3 that is set up for 2 up touring. Wants: Hardbags, not some soft bags with zippers. Windscreen of modest size or a fairing that does not look like a Harley fairing. Seats for both driver and passenger that are comfortable so...
  7. Joesmoe

    **SOLD** Viking 3-into-1 complete system, Touring, used

    $900.00 plus shipping. This system has about 2,000 miles on it. You see the heat discoloration at the bell, and there are some black stains on the bottom header from inadvertent contacts with my overpants. The pictured heat shield will be included.
  8. Joesmoe

    First LMS exhaust for Touring

    Professionally padded and overwrapped; took me nearly twenty minutes to unwrap the two packages. And what a joy to behold.
  9. Ishrub

    9x R3 Touring paint options and associated VIN with ABS and pre ABS models

    Colors/Combos pre and with ABS and VIN Details -CP Jet Blk/Sunset Red: > 411983; > 561126 Special Edition -PG Jet Black -JN Eclipse Blue/Azure Blue -NG Jet Blk/New England White: > 411983; > 561126 Special Edition -PR Phantom Black - ABS Version > 574820 -NW Phantom Black/Crystal...
  10. Kevin frazier

    Touring upgrades Ozrider

    More goodies for the big bad baggers.
  11. Starmanut

    FYI: D&D Touring Pipes + Crossover For sale in UT

    Just saw this yesterday. Thought I'd pass it on. Triumph Rocket R3T D&D Exhaust + Crossover $600. A bit pricey, but a bit rare, too.
  12. Kevin frazier

    Rims made for touring

    I reached out to smt machining in Glendale az. and with the rims to scan and a dealer purchased gear they will make a set of rims for the touring. I did not get into price but we know they won’t be 100 bucks, but if you are wanting to ditch the cement block rims, here you go. I am looking...
  13. Waz

    Rivco Touring Risers on Rocket 3 Roadster

    Hey guys, bought some Rivco Risers on eBay second hand, only to find out they're the ones for the Touring... will they still fit my R3R?
  14. GDoggy

    Pods on a touring

    Hi all. I was wondering who has fitted pods to their touring and if it runs any different? cheers
  15. Rocket_Rider

    Touring suspension

    Can anyone share experiences about upgrading suspension? Especially front forks? I’m looking to learn what parts/part numbers to buy stiffer front fork springs.... the factory front is just too soft for my liking. Are the fork springs the same in roadster and touring or do they differ? Most...
  16. Starmanut

    Touring TORS just popped up on Ebay

    Triumph Rocket III Touring Tors Exhaust Pipes | eBay New, but has a dent. Can't tell if it would show or not. I'd get them, but already have some.
  17. Delaware rider

    Totaled my touring

    About three weeks ago I was involved in a hit-and-run. A jerk in a vet decided he was going to power slide around a blind corner I was the unlucky one on the other side of that corner! I ran into a rock wall to get away from him and he never even slowed down. I went over top the handlebars and...
  18. brsmits

    Missing Body Panel, possible compatibility?

    When I bought my bike ('13 R3T), it was missing the left side panel just under the seat and behind the engine. I looked on ebay and found the same panel off of a '06, can anyone confirm that it would or would not fit? Any help would be great! Thanks! Trinity's Missing Panel by brsmits posted...
  19. WildBill

    **SOLD** Touring Luggage Rack

    I have this luggage rack from my '13 Touring. Came in a box with the bike. As you can see from my avatar the previous owner installed a Corbin trunk shortly after buying the bike. It's in great shape and he'd installed the lights. No hardware. What you see is what I've got. $75 plus shipping.
  20. Journeyman28778

    For Sale Freeflow crossover pipe - Viking Exhaust $325 shipped

    I have the black crossover pipe from Paul Bryant that has been on my Roadster since May 2019. Paid $405 and looking to get $350 (shipping included in the continental U.S.). I'll add a photo of the actual pipe soon, but other than cosmetic changes from being in use for just 5 months on the...
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