1. Rockt3

    Triple Filters for a Carpenter Touring

    Hey Y'all I recently had Carpenter do a 210 HP kit and undercut the dog gears in my transmission along with one of their exhausts . Problem I have now is , when I flew up and picked the bike up to ride it home the filters were on back order . Rode it home with out any . They sent me the...
  2. Jay

    **Sold** Touring Windshield (16” Summer)

    Sold I have a spare OEM factory windshield from my 2013 Rocket Touring. This is the 16” summer shield so it allows more air; measured from the top of the light cutout to the top of the shield. I wanted a taller shield for two-up riding. This one has some signs of use (couple minor scratches...
  3. Rainey Yang

    What is touring fuel level sensor direction??

    Hi all I need help We lost this Rocket III Turing fuel level sensor direction Anyone know which one is correct?
  4. Ken Attwood

    WANTED 2012 Touring Side Panel

    I lost an R3T left side panel last night, need a replacement if anyone has one spare. Triumph part number - T2307221PG Jet black but colour not an issue, happy to get it painted. Please let me know asap, Triumph want an arm and a leg for a genuine "new" part IF they can get one. Thanks guys
  5. TheHult

    Touring single seat.

    Jag är efter en enda plats för min 2009 turné. Anybody knows if they still exists?
  6. Sparky59

    Tire Change time for my Touring

    After hearing from others about woes of tire changes, I figured screw it, I'm jumping in.. I already have a automotive tire changer, went online and purchased the hard plastic bead clamp protectors and other associated wear parts for my old tired machine. I'm going to have a try at changing my...
  7. Joesmoe

    For Sale Oil tank - off 2014 Touring - $200

    I was fortunate enough to score a chrome oil tank, and this one, in perfect shape, is surplus.
  8. Ishrub

    For Sale Touring TORs - used on UK eBay

    Listed by a new forum member from Bracknell, United Kingdom, who has also started a thread with a link to their Becker R3 lift. Triumph Rocket 3 Touring exhaust assy. (TORS) Triumph Off Road Silencers | eBay
  9. Navigator

    My beautiful Rocket Touring is gone.

    A good friend and I made a deal yesterday and he now has my Touring. As I once noted, it's the most beautiful machine I've ever owned and I loved riding it, while I could. I don't want to go into my personal health situation but I simply could no longer manage it. I did a few short local...
  10. Jay

    (Solved) Risers for R3 Touring

    Hi all, I have decided to go with Rivco risers on my Touring bike rather than spacers. I was about to get a set of the Scootworks stacking risers only to realize they are out of business. Thought I would try and source a set of Rivco touring risers through the forum before trying to locate...
  11. Navigator

    For Sale Triumph Solo Seat for Touring Model

    I am selling a solo seat that I had on my 2009 R3T. It is in excellent condition, is extremely comfortable, and has the mount for the Triumph backrest. I bought it for local riding sometime last year and it looks way cool on my T. After taking the bike for a couple of local rides I've...
  12. BigNorm

    LED turn signals on touring.

    The wires that need to have the resistor spliced in between the two wires can be accessed through the right side panel. They are the two with the white connectors. I used solder, shrink tubing and electrical tape.
  13. S

    Headlight for 2009 Touring

    Is anyone out there running a Daymaker or something similar in an R3T? I found posts about daymakers for the roadster but cant find any info on people running them in a touring model. I think the touring is a 7" and I'm wondering how hard the install will be. Thanks in advance
  14. GDoggy

    triumph rocket 3 touring rear fender rail kit A9758114

    I have been looking for a rear fender rail for some time. Does anyone have a new or old one they will part with cheers Garth
  15. Ishrub

    For Sale Au$500 (US$355) Touring 2008 Front AND Rear wheels undamaged. NOT ABS.

    Front 1st 5 photos, Rear last 2 photos. Rear last 2 photos.
  16. Rocket_Rider

    JBQ and touring model

    Hi all, Question for those with the JBQ bracket.... on the left side of the bike I can only bolt with one bolt as there is nowhere else on the frame. The instructions say there used to be a bracket and speaking with the maker I have been told it’s redundant.... being that I’m a guy who doesn’t...
  17. Navigator

    Anyone have a pic of Viking Exhaust header on a Touring?

    With TORs on my 09 Touring along with the Viking crossover piece, I have been considered getting Paul's custom exhaust header in the silver. As yet I'm undecided for a few reasons. The 09 stock header appears to be much better for exhaust flow than the cast iron one on my 07 Classic so one...
  18. Roger

    For Sale 2008 Rocket 3 Touring

    Going to sale my Triumph Rocket 3 touring. Has right at 22,000 miles. Tires replaced 1500 miles ago. Has Ram air intake. Has the TORS pipes. Has had the catalytic converter removed. Kuryakyn grips. Has service receipts, factory tool kit, owners manual, Triumph bike cover, tall windshield, short...
  19. K&N

    Hello from Ottawa, R3 Touring info

    Hi folks. Bought a 2013 R3 Touring direct from the dealer and was disappointed with the power. A local performance shop dyno check measured only 88HP at the back wheel. Turns out, the secondary throttle plates are limited to 40% opening on the touring model. Luckily, the 2013 and older R3...
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