1. Joesmoe

    **SOLD** Touring Pannier Embellisher kit A9738065

    [SPF] Touring Pannier Embellisher kit A9738065 $90.00 plus shipping from 22030
  2. Jay

    Want to Buy Found Right Hand Exhaust Catbox Chrome Cover for 2013 Touring

    Found. Fellow Rocketeers, I am looking for the right hand chrome cover that goes over the cat box/cross-over tube to fit a 2013 Rocket Touring. It is part number T2209105 and is the same part among all touring models from 2008 - 2016. I had bought a chrome cover recently and the seller...
  3. laraza

    This could be a bargain for you Touring guys

    Triumph Rocket 3 Touring 2 Piece MUSTANG Studded Seat | eBay
  4. davidr2023

    touring boards on my roadster

    finally got 2018 touring boards on my roadster much more comfortable as i am 6ft 2 feels better with brake to
  5. Kevin frazier

    Touring exhaust

    touring exhaust I picked up because strait pipes were vicious, I went with d and d instead seller excepted 175.00 with free shipping, I’ll do same, they are practically new
  6. Jay

    **SOLD** New Triumph Rocket Touring Long-Haul Seat (2-piece)

    Selling a new 2-piece Triumph Rocket Touring Long Haul Seat (part number T2302130). I just got this and it isn't quite what I was looking for so I decided to sell. It is brand new and comfortable, but I realized I want to go the custom seat route. For reference, I had bought this for a 2013...
  7. Ishrub

    (false alarm) Triumph Touring heated grips going cheap in USA

    Heated Grip Kit - Fits Rocket III Touring product # A9638027 $78.00 Heated Grip Kit from Triumph Accessories
  8. Rocket_Rider

    Electrical plugs under Rocket III Touring tank

    Hello braintrust of all things rocket III touring, Im looking to wire in a beaver electronics PC-8 and have it connect straight into switched power on one of the vacant plugs under the tank - problem is I don't know which plug is which. I have attached 3 images - plugs 1, 2, and 3 - Id be...
  9. S

    Touring pack

    Finally got around to making a bracket to mount a 2005 Harley touring pack to my 09 r3t. If anyone has a harley pack or is interested in getting one, let me know. I can post the bracket dimensions and the print for the arms I made. This all mounts into the stock quick disconnect passenger backrest
  10. Rocket_Rider

    New Touring owner

    Hi all, New Rocket 3 Touring owner .... just purchased today. I’m in the southern suburbs of Sydney Australia if there is anyone else in that area? Always looking for new riding mates. Cheers, John
  11. ChrisACT

    For Sale Classic Touring Seat

    Selling my Triumph Classic Touring Seat I bought it new and have had it for about 8 months. It's done very little work. Almost as new. Same as pictured. Has the hole for the rider backrest but does not include the back rest. Asking $170AUD.
  12. Jay

    **SOLD** 2013 Yamaha FJR Sport Touring, Fully Farkeled

    SOLD. Hard decision, but selling my 2013 Yamaha FJR1300. I would keep, but I got a killer deal on a 2013 R3T motorcycle so it is time to find a new home for this ride. This is a great long-distance rig fully outfitted to get you there and back again. It comes with cruise control, ABS, and...
  13. BeastMaster

    Touring bags on a roadster?

    Hey I'm new here so I haven't had much time to search everything. I am curious If any of you have installed/attempted, touring hard-bags on a roadster? While I have seen both bikes, in person, I don't really know if the frames & exhaust geometry are vastly different.
  14. Ishrub

    For Sale Leather R3T Tank bibs , Sissy Bar & Screen bags & Rear Fender Bib

    LEATHER FUEL TANK PANEL - STUDDED A9520018 Au$40- + postage LEATHER FUEL TANK PANEL - PLAIN A9520017 Au$40- + postage
  15. Ishrub

    For Sale Chrome Touring and Roadster R3 accessories

    REAR FENDER EMBELLISHER, BLADE - CHROME A9738113 Au$35 + postage These have 3M adhesive and a curve that fits and can be used on Roadster guards as well in single or multiples. OIL TANK EMBELLISHER - CHROME A9738001 This fits all Rockets including Roadsters Au$50 + postage OIL TANK...
  16. Jay

    Roadster Claw fit on 2013 Touring?

    I’m wondering if the roadster claw will fit on the touring bike. I am one of the few who are not enamored by chrome. And I like the performance look of carbon fiber. So I’m looking at this carbon fiber claw on eBay Triumph Rocket3 Rocket Rocket III Carbon Fiber Airbox cover air box Bear Claw...
  17. Jay

    Greetings From New Rocket Owner

    Recently purchased a new-to-me Rocket 3 Touring. It is still in transit so I haven’t had the privilege of riding it, but enjoyed a test ride a few months back on a different R3T. That sold me. I have been lurking the forum for a while, but glad to be here as a fellow member.
  18. Wcww95

    Touring on the rocket 3

    Gentlemen, Am out touring on my rocket 3 roadster 2014 from 08 to 23 Dec. 6,500 km. Can I have some tips please? Thank you & greatful
  19. Jeffro

    Want to Buy R3 Touring panniers

    Need left side pannier mainly but will buy both if you got 'em. White / Black ideal but any colour would be great.
  20. M

    Rocket Touring - Yoke/Handle bar bushing and Valve clearances

    Hi All I have a 2009 rocket touring Great forum, I'm carrying out a full in-depth service on my bike to restore it back to as new condition. One thing I have noticed is a lot of play on my handle bars they rock back and forth so I'm sure the rubber yoke/handle bar bushing needs replacing...
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