1. ozrider

    OzClaw for Touring - 1st one made - now available

    Yes it has been along time coming but I have finally done a OzClaw to suit the Touring model. Fits over OEM air intake system so any pods or RamAir filter that fit under the standard bearclaw will fit. Gelcoat Gloss Black........ you can paint or vinyl wrap Requires the radiator overflow bottle...
  2. Big 'Ol Triple

    Ozclaw TuneEcu

    Hey this is my first post on the forums here. I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to download TuneEcu for my 2018 R3R! I'm looking for a tune that would work with my Ozclaw with triple Ru2780 filters and stock exhaust. The stock tune just seems far too lean. Any advice or tips...
  3. RacerX74

    Ozclaw cheers Ozrider

    The Ozclaw has arrived Took Longer to clear UK customs than it did to get from Oz so fast post cheers (shame on you tax man) Very happy with it high quality well made solid item that's a great fit . Does strangely make the Ramair just a little quitter and easier to live with . I think it...
  4. ozrider

    'OzClaw' is now available

    After a long hiatus with work and family I am now able to supply the 'OzClaw' again. They come painted Gloss Black but can also do Matte or Satin Black if requested when ordering. Its a direct replacement of the standard Bearclaw but unfortunately they do not fit the "Touring" or larger K&N...