1. Bedifferent

    Well that was a wasted afternoon!..Riser Install.

    So I thought this would be a good day to install my Rivco Risers on my 2015 R3T ABS. Not!! I get everything removed and the risers installed and set the handlebars in the risers (not without difficulty). That is where things came to a screeching halt. I can tell you there isn't any way the...
  2. Bluebelly

    Viking bag install.

    Got a set of Viking tail bags with shock cutout and am attempting the throw-over install. Has anyone used these bags? They seem very well made for the price and look awesome on the bike but I can't get them situated properly with the shock cutout. I think I may have to go with the non-cutout...
  3. TriumphR3Newb

    Engine guard install

    I have some engine guards that I am wanting to install. I went to loosen the top bolt that holds the engine (yes I had a jack under it to hold the engine up)to mount the guard but I could not get that bolt out no matter how much pressure I could put on it. Am I missing something? Any help or...
  4. atjurhs

    need some Denali Sound Bomb install pics

    hey guys, i bought a Denali Sound Bomb with the split compressor so the two parts can be mounted on two separate areas of the bike. can some of you post some pics of how you installed yours? thanks! Todd
  5. laraza

    Triple K&N's install

    Being a bit strapped for the old green at the moment, I was very pleased when @barbagris kindly donated triple K&N's and air temp sensor filters to me :) As I'm a total dope with the spanners, I searched for a 'how to' on the site but have come up empty, has anyone got a link to one preferably...
  6. Bedifferent

    Update On My PDM60 Install Disaster & The New Amplink Install R3T

    Howdy All...I have no shame so I thought I would do an update on my PDM60 Power Distribution Module Installation. My previously posted link, provided below, turned out to be a total disaster. I thought I had things all measured and figured out, but my assumption that all the crap hanging down...
  7. Pete

    STS Auto indicator install

    Installed the STS auto cancel indicator system. Works a treat. Senses speed and direction so turns indicators off on the run. When I’m acting my age I have no trouble with the manual off switch but when I’m searching for red line and concentrating on trajectory out of a corner I often forget to...
  8. PaddyO

    How much time does it take to install a McCruise cruise control?

    I will be flying to San Antonio on Sunday, 4/1/18, to get my 2014 R3T with a little over 2,700 miles on it. It is currently sitting in the shop of a friend of mine. He has all the tools I think I will need. I will be replacing the cooling system hoses and tires out of abundance of caution since...
  9. Brian

    Wheel install help. Anybody close Morgantown WV?

    2015 r3t. Tire changed. Can not get rear wheel back on driveshaft. Tips? Call me?? Does not go fully back to fit spacer back in. 301-676-7038 . Desperate.....
  10. Claviger

    How to install Healtech Shiftlight Pro

    Really this is the easiest how to ever :P. Just want to show what wires work for the module. Connect power and ground here on the headlight harness, Red shiftlight wire to yellow harness and black to black: Connect RPM signal to coil wire of the same green with black tracer color on coil #2...
  11. cdlamph

    Looking to install LED headlights

    Hey all, I was curious if anyone knows whether or not the J.W. Speaker 5.75 adaptive lights fit in the rockets housing? I'm up in the air between these and the regular 5.75 leds they have. The website doesn't even have the rocket in the drop down menu but I'm guessing some of the lights work...
  12. cdlamph

    Rivco mirror install on 06 classic

    Might be silly and I've looked but can't seem to get anywhere. I'm just curious on where people who have these mirrors spliced the running light wire into.
  13. laraza

    Trouble after EB install

    I've installed my eb relay kit and now when the switch is on dip I have the high beam on and when it's on high beam I have dip with the high beam indicator on in the clocks (no indicator when the high beam are on) I know I must've reversed something but what? Feel like such a dumbass! Note to...
  14. bebsy

    444 pro install issue

    After installing the 444 rear shock and tightning it up slightly the pressure spreads the plastic bush inside which becomes bigger than the backing washer making it unpleasent to torque it up..anybody had this issue or is it me:ninja:
  15. Allan S

    LED turn signal install advice please?

    I want to install LED turn signals on my 2016 Roadster. I dont know if I need to install a load resistor and if so what size ( resistance ) to buy or a replacement relay ( I dont know what the difference is but I found a post about it). If I am only replacing the front ones and leaving the rear...
  16. Babarocket3newbie

    Ramair and Arnott Air Ride install

    Hey guys, So finally got around to installing the Ramair kit and Arnott air ride. So, just followed this youtube video and install took about an hour and it was a fairly easy install. After install, used Tune ECU and a @HansO (master guru) tune and did the 12 minute tune... OMG let me just...
  17. patrol21

    13 inch progressive install

    Just picked up a set of progressive 13 inch springs. Issue is they are approx 1/4 inch too long to install even with the bike jacked up and rear assembly extended...any cute tricks to compress the ****ing spring/shock has vice grips didn't do jack ****...bloody mess
  18. mexican

    Engine guard install,, heeelp!!

    I started to install the engine guards or crash bars, left side went smooth, right side a big pain, there is a bolt that holds the engine but it just spins, looks like there is a nut behind it somewhere but cant see it, has anybody taken that bolt off and how??
  19. Frosty Rider

    did i install my maps correctly?

    i received maps for the ECU and the PCV, the PCV map seemed pretty straight forward to upload, i'm not sure about the ECU map, I connected and had the TUNEECU software read the current map and then i saved it, Then i went to FILE-OPEN and opened the map i was sent from HANSO then i went to ECU-...
  20. 3Katz

    Help needed with Ramair install

    I read all about the great instructions you get with the Ramair but my kit didn't have any! The process was easy enough after watching a really great video on youtube but it kind of glossed over the part about fitting the IAT sensor to the Ramair base. I can't see how this tiny little rubber...