1. Bedifferent

    Update On My PDM60 Install Disaster & The New Amplink Install R3T

    Howdy All...I have no shame so I thought I would do an update on my PDM60 Power Distribution Module Installation. My previously posted link, provided below, turned out to be a total disaster. I thought I had things all measured and figured out, but my assumption that all the crap hanging down...
  2. Bedifferent

    For Sale **SOLD** Rowe PDM60 Power Distribution Module

    Hi Guys I have a Rowe Electronics PDM60 that is virtually new. I bought it around 3 weeks ago and installed it on my R3T. I even did a post about the install I did, but have yet to do a updated post as I made some changes to my mount. There is nothing wrong with this PDM60 and everything...