1. MiniSuperDuke

    For Sale 2011 Rocket Roadster

    Had an itch for a new bike, looked around, decided I still love the Rockert, decided to make it more stealth and sporty, had an appointment with painter and powdercoater, cancelled the appt., and decided to pick up a newer blacked out Rocket..without a fairing and one up seating. 2011, matte...
  2. mstraub72

    Just got home with a freshly imported 2015 Rocket 3 Roadster ABS. :)

    Hello all! Mike here, reporting from Leduc, AB, Canada. I found a steal of a deal on a 2015 R3 Roadster in Mount Vernon, WA, and had to jump on it. I've been humming and hawing over buying it, as it's a huge difference from my current bike, the 5th Gen Honda VFR800 ****** rocket....but every...

    For Sale 2015 Rocket X

    2015 Rocket X for sale badge number 94. I have added a triumph luggage rack with the backrest, black to match the rest of the bike. 3,200 miles on it. It also has an extended 40,000 mile service warranty that is transferable at any dealership with the tire and rim package included. All scheduled...
  4. Rokoneer

    For Sale Rocket 3 Fog Light Kit

  5. Lou

    For Sale Rocket 3 parts

    I have two gas tanks, front and rear fender, both side covers and triple exhaust. One tank and the side covers look like they have never been on a bike. Will separate or sell all for $500. I live in Alabama and would perfer to sell local. All parts are in good to excellant condition.
  6. Thale

    No start on a 05 Rocket 3

    The fuel pump does not seem to be working. How can I check to find out?
  7. Jfcroni

    For Sale 2005 Rocket

    Well cared for original owner 2005 Rocket III with extras... Cee Bailey +3" Windshield Triumph wind deflectors (Extra Triumph Windshield too) Passenger backrest and rack Kissan auto turn signal cancel (running light and parade mode) Stebel Nautilus air horn for loud! New tires front and back...
  8. barbagris

    Rocket Down

    @laraza lost his R3T on damp greasy Spanish roads at about midday. He's just a bit bumped and bruised - but the bike from all accounts is destroyed. Made sure he got to hospital and he's now chatting with Mrs barbagris. Hopefully we'll get him on a plane home on the morrow.
  9. late2ride

    Think these rack and hitch will fit a 2017 rocket roadster?

    Just got the bike and I'm not handy with a wrench so I'll ask what could be ignorant. Do you think this platform and trailer hitch will both fit on the bike? Looks like they share the same frame connection points.
  10. MarvinM

    For Sale Carpenter Rocket 2012 (Houston TX)

    Howdy guys, I couldn't find a "For Sale" forum, so please move this as appropriate. My 2012 Carpenter "Silverback" Rocket III is for sale at BritishUSA in South Houston, TX. Bike can be found at 2012 Triumph Rocket III Roadster Stock: CT8909 | Gulf Coast BMW Ad says 219 HP at rear wheel on...
  11. baadactor

    Rocket Won't Start

    ...for the first time since I brought her home in 2010? There's a funny noise when I turn the key- something not too unlike a starter trying to turn but without the energy to do so. After a second or two, the gauge sweeps like normal. I'm thinking there's a bit of corrosion in one of the...
  12. coneye

    Rocket tourer

    Aaaawww Fook it ,, i was gonna sell my bikes and get a road king , But after i just wrote out an add on here to offer my rt3 ,at a good price to members , I put on how good it was , how good it looked , how its never give me any problems except for the detent spring which cost 300 bucks...
  13. FunkSoulBro

    For Sale 2006 Rocket III Classic 15000kms Reg Jun 18

    For sale is my Triumph Rocket III Classic with a LOW 15,800kms and full Triumph Dealership service history. This has been a great bike and has never missed a beat. VERY reliable, in excellent condition, a real head turner and a bike that stops passers by wherever it goes. I am the second owner...
  14. TimR3

    For Sale 2016 Rocket For Sale

    2016 TR3 For Sale 2016 Triumph Rockst 3 It goes without saying that Triumph has some deep roots, and the factory has absolutely zero compunction about relying on past successes. Not to suggest it rests on its laurels, far from it, merely pointing out the depth of heritage Trumpet brings to the...
  15. RockeTom

    Newbie to Rocket..

    New Rocket owner, old biker. Thanks for including me in the group. I'm learning a lot already. Tom aka/RockeTom
  16. M

    Rocket 3 Touring - Tuning awaken the beast

    Hi All I have a rocket touring 2009 which is perfect for me having owned it for a while now I'm looking to up the power. Due to past insurance issues and waking everyone I'm keeping stock pipes on, however changed the filter to the K&N under seat. I have just brought the tuneecu cable and...

    How many different sounds does the Rocket make..

    This is intended to amuse not criticize. I've owned my 05 going on eleven years now and have to admit of the three bikes i own the Rocket is the nosiest and my true love. From a clunk to a whistle I've come up with at least six different sounds. Not that it has anything to do with performance...
  18. BYRD955

    Hi I have a 2013 rocket 3 touring having some engine skip problems

    I I ride this bike hard it has the Torq exhaust mufflers and the tune to go with it. In the past 1000 miles or so I notice that the motor will drop all cylinders randomly and so far for a moment then some times a loud backfire, some times not and it will return to normal for the remainder of my...
  19. Chris Kelley

    Things I've learned commuting on the Rocket

    I managed to talk my lady into finally getting her license a few weeks ago. So now she's commuting in the Rouge, and I'm rolling to work on the Rocket on a daily basis and I've learned a few things on the way. 1) I need a Stebel or similiar...I've always made a joke that I don't have to worry...
  20. Chip

    A Rocket in a Clutch...

    The weather in Michigan is beautiful this time of year. Sunday was a perfect day to ride to Lake Michigan. I must have rode about 10 miles from home and the clutch cable broke. Did I mention it was beautiful and a Sunday? My biker friends were off riding and having fun. Me, I'm waiting for...
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