1. Rock It

    Tune for 2012 Rocket please

    Hi I have a 2012 Roadster III that will soon have a Viking silencer (attached to stock headers) and a Ramair filter installed. Would anyone have a tune suitable for this setup that can be passed onto me? I think that's the correct terminology. Cheers
  2. germ79

    Café Rocket

    I’m sure I’m just late to the party here, but came across this. Boy, would I love to take this for a spin! A Triumph Rocket III based Cafe Racer!
  3. dvictorh

    Digging the Rocket III

    Greetings from Palm Springs, CA! It only took reading Golfun's post and the many replies to figure out y'all are the same kind of fun, knowledgeable, irreverent folks I've come to know and enjoy on the Kawasaki Vulcan Forums. Hot dang! Yup...I ride an '05 Kawi Vulcan 2000 named Mo'Dean, and...
  4. Fenners

    Found these on Ebay - Rocket shaped valve caps

    I chose red as I have a two tone Classic - there are other colours. £2.75 on ebay. I am not affiliated to the seller just liked what I saw and thought others may share my opinion.
  5. MCDVX

    For Sale 2014 Rocket Roadster +MODS

    There have been several inquiries and now multiple offers to buy my bike, and I wasn't planning to sell it. I've had the pleasure of experiencing every single upgrade... it was a beautiful process, to take something good and making it great. I did each modification to this Rocket over the course...
  6. Bobs05

    **SOLD** 2005 Rocket III Classic, Graphite Color

    56,xxx miles, Factory Floorboards, Heel-Toe Shifter. Small dent with paint touch up on top right of tank. Oil changed at 56,714 on 31 March 2018. Tires: Rear Bridgestone Exedra Max, 240/55R-16; Front Michelin Commander II, 140/75R-17 installed at 52,330 miles. Available with Stock exhaust...
  7. Joesmoe

    Installation of Neville Lush Racing "street" cams in 2014 Rocket III Touring

    This is a thread starter. I ordered the cams at the first of the year, after talking about it for the better part of three years. You will NOT hear me say this is the best -- except after all considerations, including my nearing-retirement piggy bank -- this seems to be the sweet spot for me...

    Many thanks to members... my Rocket is back on the road.

    After over a year of agony repairing the girl when she spit-out a valve destroying pistons and head, and before working relentlessly to figure out a poor-running issue (ended up being plugged injectors from it sitting so long) among other things.. I pulled her out on her maiden voyage...
  9. Spawn

    Putting her on the road!

    Lets see what shes made of. This will be a true test. Im going on an extended road trip with rhe classic. Btw, the viking bags sissy bar bag wasn't as big as I thought.
  10. tails

    rocket poss for sale.

    ok,is there anyone interested in my 15 plate matte black/white stripe ,it will come as standard mint condition,6500 miles. fitted new heated grips. the best part is,it will come with a brand spanking new engine from the truimph factory,all paper work etc. the bike is currently at triumph...
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