1. Kievit

    Non response starting engine

    My starting engine seems to be dead. I checked the fuses, there allright. Sidestand doesn´t seem the problem. Battery´s in good shape. Anyone idea´s about what´s causing this failure.... My rocket is a customized touring ´2011 with 16000 miles.
  2. Lenny

    Engine color question?

    I'm a but confused... it is my undesrtanding that mid 2007 and up the motor color went from silver to black...right? Also 05-07 had some tranny issues(siver engine too)...since im in the market for a r3 i found a 2006(in blue) but with a black color engine...so how can that be?
  3. hogweed

    Engine breather tube?

    What diameter is the engine breather tube spigot?Cheers
  4. Rogiecrockett

    R3T - What is the bolt for on RH side behind Engine guard?

    I am looking for an alternative mounting location for a Denali Soundbomb Compact Air Horn. The horn is currently mounted where the old horn was and there is not enough room between the bottom of the horn and the top of the front fender - ask me how I know!! Before I go and remove any bolts I...
  5. Ishrub

    Yamaha Smartphone-based engine tuning app

    Smartphone-based engine tuning app - Australian Motorcycle News 09 August 2017 / Text Size (-) (+) / Print Fancy taking your 2018 YZ450F to your Yamaha dealer to get it tuned? No need – there’s an app for that When Yamaha whipped the covers off its new-for-2018 YZ450F ’crosser last month, it...
  6. BYRD955

    Hi I have a 2013 rocket 3 touring having some engine skip problems

    I I ride this bike hard it has the Torq exhaust mufflers and the tune to go with it. In the past 1000 miles or so I notice that the motor will drop all cylinders randomly and so far for a moment then some times a loud backfire, some times not and it will return to normal for the remainder of my...
  7. CvSisinthehouse

    Want to Buy Engine Guards

    They can be a little chewed up, gonna paint them anyways. Thanks. Chris
  8. Bernard Vinet

    Has anyone tried 20W-60 engine oil Amsoil / Red line

    The reason I ask this is when I bought My R3T it had 15-40 oil in it. Changed to 20-50 weight oil and found it to shift better and a little less noisy. So I was just wondering if anyone is running 20-60 weight oil. Synthetic oil of course. I was thinking that maybe the guys that live in the...
  9. Curtiss02

    For Sale Engine Guard Lights

    I got these and never even took them out of the package. $50 shipped inside the US.
  10. thorin

    '05 engine knock on deceleration

    hello all, just bought my bike a couple weeks ago. loving every minute of seat time but have noticed what I believe to a an engine knock when decelerating in gear. pull in the clutch, sound is gone. oil level is good. I have a lot of experience with car engines and a sound like that...
  11. RooK

    Adjusting engine timing/ Timing chain refit

    Sorry if the answer is already somewhere in here, I couldn't find any thread about camshaft removal. Had the camshafts out, putting it all back together then the shop manual calls for a Triumph tool to keep the cams in place before fitting the timing chain. Is there a way to do this without...
  12. S

    Engine Stutter

    I'm noticing a consistent stutter in the motor when I accelerate starting around 3200 rpms. Seems like i feel it when I do a light acceleration vs hard acceleration. It feels like a misfire or something similar. Anyone have any experience with this?
  13. fastfun

    hesitation, kicking engine

    Hi. I get already for some weeks(.) the next issue : just cruising at nearly idle speed (about 5% throttle) bike is running fine. However, just pulling the throttle from 5 at 10% and the rpm's are inclining at about 1800rpm , the bike suddenly is like 'switching off' and rpm's are declining...
  14. Allan S

    reset check engine light cycles?

    I bumped a connector off of its spade when removing the stand that holds the tank up. Not noticing it, I started the engine and it ran. I put the tank down again, started the engine and rode off. I noticed the check engine yellow light was on so I lifted the tank again and found the loose wire...
  15. Rogiecrockett

    Check Engine Light On After Washing Bike

    The title of the thread says it all. Washed bike last night before putting it to bed inside the machine shed. Never had the light come on before and it is at 11,000 miles. It came on after washing the bike. I did not wash the bike any differently than before. I assume something got wet and...
  16. tails


    are the tourer and the roadster engines the same power wise ???
  17. ThisGuy

    No Codes w/o Engine Light?

    I think I saw this mentioned in an older thread, but did some searching and didn't find a definitive answer. Is it true that if you don't have a check engine light on, you won't have any trouble codes? I had always thought with cars there are certain codes that trip the light, and more minor...
  18. GarrisonMatt

    Engine guards/dresser bars

    So im looking for a set of dresser bars or engine guards...whatever you want to call them. the only ones I can find are the ones that are curved. I saw a picture of black ones that are less curved, on the top they are sharp and come to a "T"....I know that description sucks. Does anyone have...
  19. hoopla

    Torque of engine bolt

    Mounting the 50mm crash bars, need the torque setting for the large bolt that is on top of the engine, don't know what it's called. 10 inches long or so, goes from one side of the engine to the other, when I look it up in the manuel it says 'see text' can't find it in text. Thanks Hoopla
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