1. S

    Replacing boards with pegs

    Hi. Anyone know if it it possible to replace the floorboards on the Touring with pegs. I had a 05 R3 Classic. Have just gone to an 08 R3 Touring. I am not feeling good about boards. I thought after a few thousand kms I would be over it but I am not. Can't find anything on the web that is of...
  2. dracul

    Replacing crappy OE rear pegs

    Have had good luck with this company on equipping my other bikes: Foot Pegs, Harley Footpegs, Motorcycle Foot Pegs My VTX has the skull mandible pegs in the rear and always gets a lot of attention. Thinking of the skeleton foot motorcycle footpegs for the R3...or maybe the talon or venom pegs...
  3. dracul

    Better quality rear pegs

    The rear pegs on the R3 are cheapie trash and need to be replaced. What solutions do you guys suggest?
  4. fat frank

    Highway Pegs

    Looking at the Highway pegs for the rocket. They have a long and short set up. Is the longerone for extra tall people are for more adjustment. Anyone? later
  5. technoguppy

    Swing Pegs - Any thoughts?

    Hello fellow Captains, I don't want to add dresser or engine bars to my Rocket III Classic. I am considering replacing the floorboards (and going to toe only shifter) using Kuryakyn Swing Wing Pegs. Just curious if anyone has rode with them before and if they have any thoughts about them (or...
  6. stuvin

    footpegs further back?

    :confused:Anyone out there know if its possible to fit roadster footpeg assembly to 07 rocket.I have a swop deal happening the dealer says it wont fit, i dont believe him.if not , info on any not too radical rearsets would be helpfull. thanks in advance guys.
  7. G

    Triumph Highway Pegs?

    Does anyone know if the Triumph Highway pegs will work with Kuryakyn mounts (such as Longhorn offset peg mounts)? I have the Kuryakyn clamp and lonhorn mounts with Kury pegs, but I really like the Triumph pegs and want to install them...but don't want to have to buy the triumph mount kit.
  8. B

    Kuryakyn Passenger Footpegs?

    I see that Kuryakyn lists a footpeg adaptor for passenger position on the Rocket III standard now, has anyone installed their pegs or boards on a Rocket? The stock footpeg is angled and looks to be an issue when trying to replace. Thanks!
  9. zimtuff

    Highway pegs

    How many owners use the highway pegs? I got some with my 08 model I bought a few weeks back. They felt awkward and badly positioned ,so I removed them. Ive had another try at finding the sweet spot but with no luck They feel like they would be dangerous in an emergency,anyone else feel like that?
  10. N

    Pegs relocation

    A fellow capt in Sweden is looking for relocation pegs, RAASK seems not to sell them anymore, do you know of anyone else?
  11. pjl52

    Floorboards or Pegs

    Been debating with myself (a one sided debate) whether to change from pegs to floorboards on my 08 standard, I recently went for a ride on an R3T and found the floorboards more comfortable than what I thought they would be. What do you guys think of the floorboards versus the pegs, replies...
  12. Akita Man

    Foot pegs on a Std. Rocket

    Many of us Rocketeers gravitate towards this bike not only because of it's size but ours as well. I love the fit of this bike but at 6'4" The stock pegs are a little cramped. I am considering adding the engine bars and highway pegs to stretch out on highway jaunts. I looked at the mounting...
  13. HellFire

    Trading pegs for boards

    Is anyone interested in trading even up pegs for boards? I want to install floor boards in place of my R3's foot pegs, before I go and order the parts I thought it might be a good idea to ask around if anyone wants to swap. I've seen threads in the past that talked about guys looking to get pegs...
  14. T

    WTS Highway Pegs

    I have a new set of Kuryakyn Longhorn Offset Dually Highway Pegs #4575 1-1/4" mounts that I want to sell. I will take $100.00 for them and pay the shipping. I just did not like the way my legs were spread out like that (like I was ready for the gynecologist or something). I don't think highway...
  15. cane corso

    fog lights and High way pegs

    for short guys, These Kuryakyns have a elbow and there is a few ways that you can do plenty of ways for the best comfort.
  16. F

    Keep your feet on your pegs!!!!!!

    Well its time to sit instead of ride......with a screwed up foot riding will be in a few weeks.....OUCH!!!!:mad: We toured up to st Augustine Florida for the 4th of July to watch fireworks........riding along the Ocean and stopping at Jacks for what I though was a good wing something I had been...
  17. Molinoman

    New Triumph adjustable foot pegs

    The Kuryakins now reside in my motorcycle shed awaiting a new home. I received these pegs and the adjustable mounting system this week and finally got around to putting them on. They are very comfortable, and very adjustable. I wish I had gotten them before my Key West trip. They work really...
  18. cane corso

    Triumph Highway pegs

    Hi has any one bought the Triumphs adjustable highway pegs mount and the highway pegs logo chrome all together for $164.98? Are they worth it? I'm about 5" 9" - do they adjust far enough so that a person my height fits comfortable without streatching out too much? Are they good quality?
  19. CIMG1757


  20. finTR3

    raask moving pegs

    anybody have raask moving pegs http://www.raask.com/ press triumph celect rocket and roll down you see pictures I hope more control of the bike . and you get legs normal position:eek:
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