1. Walking Tall

    Forward controls vs highway pegs

    So, after I get my seat sorted on my '18 R3R, I may need to do something with the footpegs. The bike has a very cramped riding position for me (6'6", 34" inseam) as the distance between the stock seat and stock pegs is too short. As with every other bike I own, I'll have to modify the beast to...
  2. AmLit

    I hope this is an easy question for someone!

    I've ordered and received a set of the Kuryakyn Swingwing pegs and adapters. The problem is J&B have sent me the wrong adapter twice and are still adamant I have the correct adapter. The first set was black I wanted silver or chrome, no biggie. The second set, #8841, simply don't fit and...
  3. Allan S

    ** SOLD ** REDUCED! Rivco Highway pegs - Fantastic Heavy Duty Chrome

    I have a Rivco luggage rack for sale. Its chrome underneath the easy to remove carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Rivco heavy chrome flange covers are in "as new" unmarked condition as are the Rivco heavy chrome highway pegs that dont slip on the engine frame bar like many others do. : Luggage rack...
  4. dave64

    Highway pegs

    Fitted the highway pegs today , thanks for the idea Mittzy .
  5. ChrisACT

    Want to Buy Roadster foot pegs - EDIT: No longer required.

    Howdy, I'm looking to ditch my stock 2006 Rocket III foot boards and go with the Roadster pegs instead. Or at least try it anyway. I'd need all the mounting hardware, bolts brackets etc to go with it. I'm not sure if my rear brake master cylinder would still work or if I'd need the Roadster...
  6. R3TK

    Rear foot pegs for R3T

    At 5.2”, my significant other half suffers badly from duck’s disease (her ar*e is close to the ground) and after much shenanigans on the bike, she/we/I have come to the conclusion that it would help her on longer rides if I could set up a set of pegs (flip up is preferable) in addition to the...
  7. patrol21

    Extend passenger pegs

    Hi all-Quick question....rider is not loving the location of the passenger pegs and want to extend forward.....do not want to go with boards and whatever I add needs to fold up. (Don't want to constantly be catching my leg on an extended passenger peg. I have seen extensions but with the...
  8. cdlamph

    '06 Classic Heel/Toe Shifter to just Toe Shifter

    Hello everyone. Just got an '06 Classic and I hate the heel toe shifter. I've read and read but can't seem to find a solution to it other than hacking the heel off. Any ideas, other than the one I just mentioned? Initially I wanted to convert to just pegs (as I don't like floorboards either) but...
  9. J

    Highway front pegs

    Going on from this thread Want to Buy - Wanted...front crash bars and highway pegs Ive decided that Mr Triumph has had enough wonga off me this year and ime making my own discrete front highway pegs for that "looking cool as ***c look" on the motorway...Anyway as the job progresses ile add to...
  10. J

    Want to Buy Wanted...front crash bars and highway pegs

    I persume the above is what i need for more relaxed motorway cruising..anyway has anyone got any for sale in the UK or further. my ride is a 05 classic. cheers guys.:)
  11. J

    front crash bars and highway pegs

    I persume the above is what i need for more relaxed motorway cruising..anyway has anyone got any for sale
  12. instant

    For Sale (EU) Garage leftovers: OEM Gel seat, Fog lights, Highway Pegs

    Need some room for more expensive junk in my garage, so here we go: A. OEM gel seat It is in as new condition. Purchased it with my 2009 RIII as spare / unused seat. Previous owner purchased it as new but he did not liked it. I only used it couple of times: I like it a lot, but my wife does not...
  13. tails

    rear pegs

    anyone changed the rear pegs on the roadster to somthing better looking ?? if so what have you used,and where did you get them, thanks.
  14. I

    Want to Buy Stock foot pegs

    Had to lay my bike down to avoid a car the suddenly stopped in front of me and broke one off. Looking for stock if at all possible. Or if anyone has a wrecked bike I just need one side. Thanks
  15. Old N' Grumpy


    Brand new still in the package. I paid $120.00 plus tax. Would like $95.00 plus shipping.
  16. Cmdrklassen

    Want to Buy Roadster pegs

    I'm looking for a set of pegs, both left and right, I don't need the rails. I enjoy the pegs I currently have and want to add highway pegs, however no one makes a set that looks like the stock roadster pegs. I was wondering if any of you guys who switched over to floor boards have the OEM pegs...
  17. GarrisonMatt

    progressive suspension scrapping pegs

    So 2 weeks ago I purchased R3R. Bike was stock other than having progressive suspension. I believe that the previous owner said it was lowered an inch. Here is my issue....I have rode 350 miles in the last 2 weeks and I have scrapped the pegs around a few corners in town. I also went up into...
  18. Rich Rasmussen

    R3R Highway Pegs

    Can anyone recommend highway pegs for my 2011 Rocket 3 Roadster? Not using the crash bars.
  19. Dennis B.

    Floorboards to pegs

    Can't seem to find the information on the forum so I am just going to ask: is there a way to replace the floorboards with regular foot pegs? Is there a kit or am I going to have to do some type of engineering?
  20. Rottypiper

    Relocating rear foot pegs

    My bike came with the Tsukayu hard saddlebags but they render the rear foot pegs useless as they are over top of them. Has anyone moved their rear pegs forward? I see a company called Rivco (I think) sells bars for moving them forward. Has anyone used these and if so what was the result? Thanks
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