1. Bearddevil

    Fitting up of rearsets...

    Okay, so I am going to be fitting the Raask rearsets to my R3R, but I'm having a bit of a quandary when it comes to how to assemble the lever stack on the brake side. In the pictures that Raask sends with the kit, the tabbed washer sits like this: Link Removed But from what I can find of...
  2. Joseph James

    Raask 3 into two exhaust

    When I bought my 2007 R3 Classic I also purchased a Dynojet tuner to remedy the exhaust popping when decelerating. With running a 13 to 1 fuel ratio the engine made 123.58 hp and 132.99 maximum torque with stock air filter and mufflers. Now that I installed the 3 into 2 exhaust is it...
  3. Raask Rails Movable Driver Pegs

    Raask is selling rails for the Roadster that enable you to move the driver's pegs forward or rearward. The set appears to include all necessary hardware and a brake line. Will that set allow the pegs on a 2010+ Roadster to be moved 5+ inches forward? Is everything needed included (except the...
  4. slidderhd

    Raask Exhaust

    Anyone running the Raask Exhaust on the R3T. I just found out they stopped making them. I'm interested if you have some laying around.
  5. raask 3-in 1

    is anyone out there running the Raask 3in1 system? waiting on my new roadster and am going to do the basic performance mods right away. thanks!
  6. fat frank

    RAASK Exhaust System

    Anybody running these and know anything about them. Look pretty good with the 3 into 2's and new headers pipes. Wanting to upgrade and can't get any answers on the preds. Thanks in advance
  7. Raask slip on muffler

    I just fitted the Raask slip on muffler and heat shield so I thought I would share my opinion of it. It was a fairly easy thing to fit, the heat shield supplied with the muffler fits reasonably well but it is not a perfect fit. There were no instructions with the muffler and the bracket that...
  8. crazyman

    New Raask exhaust - Pics and Vid

    I installed the Raask slip ons on the R3T. I did a 12 minute tune to hold me over until I can get the TORs tune done. Fairly easy install. One bracket on the left heat shield didn't match up with the new pipe. No worries.
  9. crazyman

    Raask exhaust for my R3T

    I ordered a set of Raask slip ons for the R3T. They've been shipped from Sweden. Should be here within a couple of weeks I'm told. SO looking forward to getting them on. I think I'll do the 12 minute tune first then make an appointment to have the TORs tune installed at the dealer. Of...
  10. crazyman

    Raask exhausts and self install

    I'm about to order a new set of Raask slip ons for my R3T. I know they're fairly easy to install. Just wondering if there are any extra things I need to get like crush washers or seals of some kind ? Is it really just a bolt on an go ?:cool:
  11. crazyman

    D&D or Raask for the R3T ?

    I'm planning on getting my exhaust upgraded. I've heard and seen video clips of the D&D, Raask, and TORs. I can't really tell them apart. The TORs do sound fairly quiet. Not too much different from the stock pipes. I like the look of the Raask set that Wildrooster got. They sound great...
  12. Raask Cans

    Raask, a pioneer in Rocket mods, are launching pipes for the Touring. See them on RAASK:S MOTOR AB Needless to say, I have no interest whatsoever in the company. Best. Jamie:cool:
  13. Modded RAASK rearsets

    OK so having had the RAASK rearsets fitted and loving the new riding position but not the shabby quality I bought some rearsets off ebay and modded the RAASK brackets and knocked up a little extra bracketry to roduce this and a closer look here: (The rusty lump of metal underneath...
  14. Fitting Raask rearsets - How I did it...

    For what it's worth here's how I fiited Raask rearsets: The gearchange side is self explanatory - the brake is not. The quality instructions that are supplied with the kit consist of a badly photocopied picture of similar rearsets fitted to a speed triple; not much use. So in steps here we go...
  15. Raask rearset brake side fitted

    Raask rearset brake side fitted

  16. Raask rearset master cylinder bracket

    Raask rearset master cylinder bracket

  17. Raask rearset loose

    Raask rearset loose

  18. RAASK exhaust

    Anyone give the RAASK full exhaust a try?
  19. finTR3

    raask moving pegs

    anybody have raask moving pegs http://www.raask.com/ press triumph celect rocket and roll down you see pictures I hope more control of the bike . and you get legs normal position:eek: