1. strudtrumpy

    Roadster trolley

    Anyone got trolley dolly for easy turning bike around . Where you get and how much.
  2. chomas

    My Roadster was always by far the most adrenaline pumping exciting to ride but now,,

    But now,, it may be the most comfortable of my bikes also for my 6'5" body. I loved everything about my 2014 Roadster besides the sitting position. I had engine guards with highway pegs on it that helped but I dreaded every time I had to take my feet off of them and kiss my knees to either...
  3. C

    Intake Backfire on Stock Roadster Fix

    I know, bone stock, and almost no matter what tune I use I could get minor back fires through the intake. It happened on day 1 of owning the bike, on the way back from the dealer even. For a short time it went away but I could not figure out specifically fixed it. So having built and dynod...
  4. C

    Matazu LN Hard Bags on a Roadster

    This will be a bit of a "day of install" review. Lets start with some pictures:
  5. ricochet

    TORS Installed on my 2012 Roadster!

    Just got back from the Dealership and had the new TORS put on. Wow, I really like them! I know some people have different likes but for me personally I wanted to keep the stock look. Surely enough there is a wider hole at the back of the pipe. The sound can be described as "This is the way it...
  6. Sunil

    Rocket 3 Roadster windshield hardware kit

    hi All, I bought windshield from clearview and didn't realized that it does not comes with brackets. Anyone knows where I can buy them. I am fine with used as long as they are in like new condition. I searched all forums and shopping site for triumph but didn't found anything helpful. I don't...
  7. Paul Bryant

    Roadster cross over pipe

    Here is a photo of this "cruel thing" as Ulf Penner described the stock Roadster cross over pipe, replacement pipe that I make. Note that the R/H Silencer tube protrudes a specific amount into the gas flow so as to distribute the gases equally between both Silencers. This will also fit the...
  8. MajorTom

    Roadster didn't start & check engine light

    Not sure if anyone has heard of this problem based on these "hints" (I'm not mechanically inclined): 2012 Rocket Roaster with Carpenter Brute exhaust, Power Commander, air box delete, triple K&N filters, 37,000km I put in about 600km since I got her this winter. Has been running like a charm...
  9. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Roadster TORs and RamAir Tune ??

    Currently on a 2012 Roadster with stock intake and 2 pipe TORs. I installed Revised tune: R3R_slip (2) 30352 for 3 K&N RU-2780 and TORs, D&D, Staintune, etc. Runs well but has a little decal pop. Got a pretty good increase at the quarter mile drag strip from 12.3 to 11.7. Looking to do a...
  10. R

    Roadster rider from Pennsylvania

    Hi guys..
  11. FatMouse

    New Roadster Owner in Buffalo

    Hi everyone! I'm Patrick, I live in beautiful sunny Buffalo, NY and I'm the proud owner of a R3 Roadster. I've lurked on here for awhile before I bought my bike, but I finally saw something in the classifieds that I had to join in the fun for :)
  12. D

    Dreadful footrests position on Roadster

    I cant stand the footrest position on my 13 roadster, the bike is great but my hips f---ing kill me. Im used to cruisers not sports bikes and I have been riding since I was 8 and im now 55, without a rest, so im bloody tired. So I have purchased a set of Raask movable footrests. The idea seems...
  13. MLJ

    Roadster Triple KN 2780 TORs looking for Hanso Tune +10%

    Does anyone have the Hanso +10% Tune for Roadster with 2780's and TORS? Thanks MJ
  14. Zamboniman

    New Roadster owner from Alberta, Canada

    After much research and deliberation, I finally closed the deal on a new 2015 Roadster. I'm looking forward to both the bike and this community. I currently own three other bikes, and have owned dozens previously. However, the biggest displacement bike I've ever owned next to the Rocket was...
  15. Flying Finn R3


    FOR SALE on ebay: TRIUMPH ROCKET 3 – CLASSIC – ROADSTER – TOURING Water Pump Seal Kit FIT TRIUMPH ROCKET 3 – CLASSIC – ROADSTER – TOURING Kit Includes: 1 pcs Mechanical Seal 2 pcs Bearing 2 pcs Oil Seal 1 pcs O-Ring water pump SL 1 pcs Seal water pump cover 1 pcs Instruction how to do
  16. michael adams

    roadster not turning over

    HI,i am looking for a wee bit of advice on roadster not turning over on start button, it has happened a few times in past and i have undone clutch lever and the bike has started no problem, but now even with lever off still not starting, i even tried bridging the two wires on clutch safety...
  17. Akbusa1

    Rivco risers on a Roadster

    Hello to you all, you all have been so much help with my conversion from the HD to this incredible Beast we call Rocket and I have never looked back. Once again I seek some knowledge, my Roadster is a 2015 and I would like to bring the bars up and back a bit, hopefully without having to buy new...
  18. ricochet

    WANT TO BUY: Rocket Roadster TORS

    Hi Everyone! Haven't had any luck sourcing some TORS for my bike yet. Looking to buy a used (but in great condition) set if anyone knows someone or if you have a set, please let me know! Thank you kindly !!!
  19. albertaduke

    factory air filter for roadster

    giving away a near new air filter for roadster been on the bike for 3000miles you cover shipping and it is yours . :thumbsup:
  20. albertaduke

    roadster rear brake electric connection

    this question is for those who have added brake light to the rear . before I cut and check which is which? I see three electric line plugged into the rear light bulb, blue/ red/ and black anybody knows which one is powering the brake filament in the oem lightbulb?( bill you've done this...
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