1. xhdskip

    Raa 4cd

    Steve, Whats the latest on the group picture buy, and the music choices for the CD?
  2. crazyman

    D&D or Raask for the R3T ?

    I'm planning on getting my exhaust upgraded. I've heard and seen video clips of the D&D, Raask, and TORs. I can't really tell them apart. The TORs do sound fairly quiet. Not too much different from the stock pipes. I like the look of the Raask set that Wildrooster got. They sound great...
  3. scot in exile

    Clingsman Dome RAAIV

    A wee video clip of the ride up to clingsman dome.
  4. P

    Attention RAA IV Attendees

    Just a reminder there is a separate photo album set up here for RAA IV. Upload the pics so those of us that weren't able to go can see what we missed. I know some like to upload them to your own favorite photo hosting site, but if you would also load them here we don't have to chase down links...
  5. wildrooster

    R3T Raask pipes

    I went ahead and ordered a set of pipes for my R3T from Raask. The install was as easy as possible they went on with any issue other than not being able to find my ratchet for 20 minutes or so they look great only sticking out about an inch more than the TOR's . They look fantastic and the...
  6. scot in exile

    Video clip Eureka Springs RAA111

    A wee video clip from the Saturday ride at eureka Springs RAA 111 Sep2008
  7. J

    Raask Cans

    Raask, a pioneer in Rocket mods, are launching pipes for the Touring. See them on RAASK:S MOTOR AB Needless to say, I have no interest whatsoever in the company. Best. Jamie:cool:
  8. TxRIIIRider

    RAA IV.V Quick Look

    I've done a little research this morning on a RAA to the Texas Hill Country. The Inn of the Hills in Kerrville is a nice place that would be able to accomodate all of us and with friendly prices. BUT, the biggest draw for the Hill Country is Rural Routes 335, 336 and 337 (aka the Three...
  9. Skips pics

    Skips pics

    A little scenery on the way back from Ozark to Eureaka Springs
  10. Skips pics

    Skips pics

    A little scenery on the way back from Ozark to Eureaka Springs
  11. Skips pics

    Skips pics

    A little scenery on the way back from Ozark to Eureaka Springs
  12. T

    RAA III Picture Thread

    There were a lot of folks snapping photos so if you aren't going to post them in any particular thread you can post them here. A little description would be cool... Piggr is going to try and set up a photo album also for RAA III so stay tuned :D
  13. P

    RAAIII Check In

    What a great weekend. Wish I could have stayed around till Monday.
  14. tdragger

    RAA Arrivals

    Hey Guys and Gals, how about posting an arrival list so the rest of us can be really jealous? Seriously, just wanting to know if everyone arrived safely.
  15. T

    Raa info

    I was planning to go to the RAA and wanted info from someone who is familiar with the roads in and leading to Eureka Springs. I am starting in Southern IL and was going to ride the interstate to Poplar Bluff MO and then go south and hit Highway 62 at Pocohontas and go west. Does this sound...
  16. P

    RAA III Lodging & Other Info

    This is Pianoman's post from the original RAA III thread. It was Pianonman's idea (a good one too) to move the lodging and other particulars that might get lost in the original thread. I guess I'm un-officially the lodging guy only because no one else has posted anything as yet. Okay, here...
  17. R

    Modded RAASK rearsets

    OK so having had the RAASK rearsets fitted and loving the new riding position but not the shabby quality I bought some rearsets off ebay and modded the RAASK brackets and knocked up a little extra bracketry to roduce this and a closer look here: (The rusty lump of metal underneath...
  18. R

    Fitting Raask rearsets - How I did it...

    For what it's worth here's how I fiited Raask rearsets: The gearchange side is self explanatory - the brake is not. The quality instructions that are supplied with the kit consist of a badly photocopied picture of similar rearsets fitted to a speed triple; not much use. So in steps here we go...
  19. C

    RAASK exhaust

    Anyone give the RAASK full exhaust a try?
  20. finTR3

    raask moving pegs

    anybody have raask moving pegs http://www.raask.com/ press triumph celect rocket and roll down you see pictures I hope more control of the bike . and you get legs normal position:eek:
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