1. dracul

    a ride on the VTX to Colorado Springs Tomorrow for Bling

    More bling from Skull Enterprises for my Uber-X and also some for the R3. Lots of skulls and ****. Really well made billet numbers made primarily for Harley's but others can play too. Maybe get some pictures taken of my custom VTX for their websight...already sports one of their high dollar...
  2. Jim/Maine

    Engine stumbling

    Just had my 500 mile service and mentioned to the dealer that there was a fairly significant stumble, surge, and otherwise not smooth engine run in the low to mid 2,000 rpm range, most noticeable in first and second gear. Sometimes I hear what sounds as a internal clank like a chain noise. So...
  3. Fixitbaz

    Rockett III Front Forks Legs Disassembling

    Hi I am in the process of stripping the bike down to have some work done. Part of that work is having the cast front wheel mountings that are located on the lower forks re-polished as the lacquer has started to crack. I have stripped the forks all the way down to the tubes but am unable to...
  4. ksquared

    A Troubling Precedent

    Former Chicago firefighter sues Harley-Davidson He alleges bike wobbled before crash; company blames rider error Ex-firefighter Jim McMahon's wrecked Harley-Davidson sits in a Daley Center courtroom Wednesday. (William DeShazer, Chicago Tribune / October 19, 2010) By Duaa Eldeib...

    Chromed wheels on RIII Classic - Too much bling?

    Triumph have some nice shiny chrome wheels as an option for the T'bird. Does anyone know if someone makes an aftermarket set for the RIII or a company that would strip and chrome a standard set of RIII wheels? I've had one quote from a guy in the UK who can get them from a US company but...
  6. New R3T bling

    Just got the backrest, luggage rack and all hardware. Ordered through my dealer's website on Thursday, received a week later. Lots 'o pieces... a bit like IKEA.
  7. albertaduke

    very good bling fromhttp://www.v4a.eu/ germany

    Triumph Rocket III - V4A - Exclusive Edelstahl Produkte germany this site has some real good stuff .I have seen first hand on bikesin germany a lot of stuff produced by this man I recommend the heavy duty crash bar with the front spoiler awesome and no I get no commission..
  8. snuffcityrider

    British bling

    A friend of ours over in England sent me some flag decals to bling up the Roc. British stickers made in Britain:cool: Just when I thought everthing was made in China:rolleyes:
  9. HellFire

    Pre-Filter/Bling for triple K&N's ????

    I'm having a hell of a time finding pre filters for the K&N triple mod. Has anyone had better luck finding something nice that fits the RU-2780's? I looked at K&N and OuterWear's web sites to no avail. Found an Outerwear part number (20-2084) but it must be an old number or discontinued since it...
  10. Willtill

    I hear "rumbling" with clutch released

    My Rocket now has about 1300 miles on her; I hear "rumbling" in the front part of the crankcase with clutch released. Goes away when I squeeze the clutch lever. Is this normal? I asked the dealer about it and he said that is just the clutch basket. Kindest regards, -Will
  11. any how-to for disassembling gauges?

    i am planning on doing an LED swap on the gauge clusters lighting -- thinking blue, with white #s for the odometer is there any how-to for correctly taking apart the gauge housing and such to get to the bulbs?
  12. RocketDaryl

    Bike Mods/Bling

    I know I've lamented in here before about my not understanding the need to buy a bike and then modding it to go faster, etc... instead of just buying a faster bike to begin with. A lot of you chimed in with your own reasons for doing it and it made sense. Basically, you do it because you can...
  13. snuffcityrider

    New blingage "safety upgrade"

    Just ordered these. Can't wait to get rid of the larger than life turn signals
  14. Dangerous wobbling

    hello all, I am doing a "decruisersation" of my rocket, and in that process, I have changed the handlebars. The Harley Davidson Handlebar, which i have seen on this forum, has come on the bike, looks and feels very good. Before I put on the handlebars, I could let go of the handlebar, with both...
  15. scowherd

    R3 Bling

    I am in the process of having the Plastic Frame cover that set in front of the tank chromed. I would like to know if any one else has done this and if they have any Pictures.
  16. britman

    Bling Install

    Here are some shots of the Rivco Bevel Box Ring, Drive Shaft Cover, and Swing Arm Cover. Overall I am satisfied and they were a breeze to install.
  17. britman

    Christmas R/3 Bling

    For Santa this year I am definitely having him drop off a fly screen from Triumph for summer riding. I was wondering if they really do anything for wind deflection other than just help us old farts look really cool. I am also considering the differential ring cover, drive shaft cover, and side...
  18. More Bling

    For her 20'000th miles anniversary, the green machine is gonna get Rivco's chrome-plated differential ring, which covers or replaces (I'll figure that out tomorrow) the rather unsightly standard, black plastic band. At roughly 90 dollars ex-factory --which translates into 130 dollards landed and...
  19. A little more 'bling'

    I like my black cap but this isn't half bad. Link Removed