Christmas R/3 Bling


Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
2005 Rocket 3/2014 Moto Guzzi Touring
For Santa this year I am definitely having him drop off a fly screen from Triumph for summer riding. I was wondering if they really do anything for wind deflection other than just help us old farts look really cool. I am also considering the differential ring cover, drive shaft cover, and side arm cover from the link below. Anybody tried any of these and were you satisfied. Maybe it is just me, but Rivco products like Kuryakyn, can sometimes be really overpriced for the quality you receive. We really don't have a great deal of choices in the after market accessories market thanks to the unique Beast we all choose to ride. Comments and product evaluations welcome.
I can vouch for the fly screen. It not only looks cool, but blocks the wind from your chest area so you don't feel like a parachute when you're riding at highway speeds or higher.

I had the dealer put the fly screen on my bike the day I bought it because I was going to be traveling about 800 miles once I left the dealer. That was 2 years ago. I've ridden without the fly screen a few times, and I can definitely tell the differece. The only time it comes of now is if it's really cold and I need to put the Roadster screen on to block some of the wind chill.

I haven't had any experience with any of the Rivco products. I like bling, of course, but none of their products have really caught my attention enough to open my wallet yet.. :)
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Show YOUR Colours!

The best bling, I'd suggest from experience, is a custom paint job (that's to those who, unlike you and I. have stuck to the original hue).

In terms of rocking one' s soul, I don't reckon ANY bolt-on accessory comes close. And the time spent on selecting/sketching/experimenting colors and wings, flames, scallops or stripes, discussing do-ability with the painter, overseeing his work, etc. ( a tempting or... tantalizing winter project, is'n it?) immensely adds to the pride of ownership.

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Yes, but a paint job, even if you do it yourself ( I had a painter do it also..) it costs a little more than a fly screen or some bling from RIVCO.

However, Jamie is right, the Rocket does do well with custom paint! :) Every picture I've seen, I've really, really liked. Hmmm... putting Triumph scallops on the stock paint might not cost that much though, with another layer of clear coat over the tank... That's one I really thought about before I decided to go wild.. ;)
Dear Santa, hiway pegs for me please. And that's all...except maybe an intercom system, cat delete, risers for the handle bars, a hard shell touring trunk, a new horn and some driving lights... and that's all....;)
Snuffy, you're giving Santa a lot of wriggle room :D

I like your picture window with the air vent. But a "fly screen"? It'd take a lot of imagination to convince me that it does much good at all. And I'm speaking from years inexperience:p

Rabtech has much if not all of that other bling you mentioned. It's all a big improvement for the discerning eye. He'll have to answer up to the sum of satisfaction. But it looked great to me.

I made three quarts of jalapeno jelly last night. Did I need to put pectin in the mix or is there naturally enough pectin in fresh peppers? I'm sure the acid level was adequate, so no lemon juice was added. I made 36 pints of scuppernong jelly a few weeks back. Anyone who stops by can have one. Leif Erickson named the newly discovered continent Vineland based upon the proliferation of muscadines (bronze and green varietes are called scuppernongs) found in the Carolinas. I could go on and on about the health benefits of muscadies And to keep it on subject, muscadine jelly should not be used for cleaning aluminium wheels. :D
At least you guys have some sort of aftermarket. I have an 07 Z1000. Try and find something for that. That carbon fly screen looks great Pig9r. I will attest that the smallest of wind screens can make the biggest of differences.
At least you guys have some sort of aftermarket. I have an 07 Z1000. Try and find something for that.


My Son-in-Law rides the same bike. He had to get his aftermarket exhaust from Italy. It took forever and he still won't tell me what he paid. (I think he may have sold one his kidneys.) Maybe the R/3 accessories market isn't so bad in comparison, but then stop and look at Harley. You can bling a HD from front to back with any J&P or Dennis Kirk catalog. Gold Wing runs a close second and the Metric cruisers are closing fast.