Need Cheaper Pannier Options for 2021 Rocket 3 GT


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May 23, 2023
Triumph Rocket 3 GT 2021
Hey fellow Rocket Riders,

Hope you're all doing awesome! Quick one from me: I’ve got a 2021 Rocket 3 GT and am planning a hefty road trip soon. I'm in the market to get panniers fitted but dang, the price check I got recently was a shocker - $650 for the set and another $350 for the mounting kit!

Being honest, that’s a bit rich for my blood at the moment. So, throwing it out to all you seasoned riders:

- Anyone know where I can pick up some cheaper or even second-hand panniers?
- Got any hacks or alternatives to the official pannier sets that won’t break the bank?

Any advice or pointers to where I can sniff out a bargain would be massively appreciated. Thanks a million in advance!

Ride safe,
Second hand sets do come up on ebay occasionally (I recently sold mine there, preferring a tail bag & rack) Alternatively you can look at some of the aftermarket options, but they aren't cheap either
Tusk come in 30 L& 40 L sizes.
I also use Easy Brackets.
I have this set up on both my 2012 h 2011 R3Roadsters.
Do not know aboout application on a 2.5L.