A little more 'bling'

I saw that too and thought it looked nice. I've been thinking of blacking out the chrome ring around my gas cap though. When the sun hits it, it reflects right into my eyes!.. lol
:) I liked the look of the all chrome gas cap that I've seen on ebay but then it doesn't have a locking feature which I don't mind having...Yeah it's a pain to keep taking the key out of the ignition but the locking feature is for tampering prevention
I'm with RS.... I had to take a putty knife to the bugs on my headlights last weekend because I thought about cleaning it up. What ever gave me THAT idea???

A little bling is cool... I want the lighted skull mirrors....
A little bling and a little shhwwwing!!


You need a set of chrome gonads to hang from your license plate frame. There is a guy at work that has a chrome set on his VTX1800 and a flesh colored set on his Chevy pickup complete with veins.....

Chromed Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Talk about fashion statements.:D
SteveRed said:
I'm waiting for my cap to arrive! Nice eh! Any trouble fitting the fuel filler cap??

It states right in the auction about some issue installing them on a Rocket. Don't know if this is only an issue with the 06 models. Did you email them for the info?
The one on my 06 SE is already CHROME and has the lock.


From customer feedback we have learned that some slight modification is needed for the 2006 Rocket III model , if you own a 2006 Rocket III please e-mail us for details. "​