Low Rider Seat


.020 Over
Sep 12, 2006
Nr Jhb. South Africa
Has anyone installed a triumph low rider seat on their R3?

I'm thinking of getting one, but would like to know how much lower they are, and how comfortable?

I'm 5'7" and weigh approx 180lb

I have the low rider seat and it is very comfortable. It does sit a bit lower than stock, I'm not a good judge because I'm 5'11" and the stock seat was fine for me also. I had to get the gel passenger seat, so I opted for the low rider seat to match since I like to sit lower on the bike.

Sunshine, who posts on here, rides with a low rider seat and she's about your height and handles her bike just fine.. She's a heck of a rider.. :)

You can take the cover off your stock seat and cut the foam down with the wifes electric carving knife to any shape or height u prefer, then just restaple the cover on.Save some bucks.The cheapskate. Jack