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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
How are these for quality? I've heard that they used to have kind of a weak lock system, but supposedly they are built better these days...anybody have any good or bad opinions on them?
I too am interested in the response you get Molinoman. What I've heard about the Leatherlykes makes them interesting to me also. Hope the report is favorable.

Hurry back so you can enjoy that new ride, but be careful until you get here. Good luck!;)
You asked and I can answer your question.They are pretty light,very strong,have a ribber cushion inside.They are waterproof as in putting ice and adult or soda beverages inside,and keep the weather out.They of coarse lock and have a hook on the back so you can lock your helmet.They hold a bunch,up to 20 lbs which ever comes first.I can put put my 15.4" Laptop with carrying case inside when I go to the library.I understand there were build issues in the early Rocket versions but they have been corrected by reinforcing substantially the mounting bracket areas and I have had no trouble whatsoever with the lock or had anything stolen out of them.The part I like is that you can take then off in seconds and put them on in the same amount of time.I dropped my Rocket last year practicing for the MSF coarse the Triumph engine dresser bar and the bag took the hit.The dresser bar bent some and the bag got a scratch.I kicked the bar back and the bag doesn't show that much.As soon as I can find out how the trunk mounts on there I will get it too.

I knew you had those, and that is good info to know. I am glad to hear about the reinforcement as that was a concern of mine. If I decide the Corbins are going to be too much to swallow, these are probably going to be what I get. If I get the Corbins I have to get them while I am still working this job as I don't think I'll be able to "justify" the cost later on...if I wait.
Thanks Bob.
I had Leathlykes on my old Honda...

The connections weren't great a few years ago, and the 'leatherlyke' tends to gray over time, but so do leather bags.

I laid the ole sabre on its side a time or two and bags managed to stay in one piece and kept from having a broke leg cause they do provide a little rider protection that leather bags can't. They also hold their shape well as well as lock. There's no paint to scratched up and they weatherproof.

They may not appeal to some folks because they are semi-rigid plastic, but I'd buy'em again if I was looking for bags.
Shoot Dennis if I were makin the big bucks I think I would just get both.:eek:One to go and one for show:DI do like the Corbins,they look the dog but at their price and scratch potential I passed.You know how it is, so many toys to get and so little time and or other considerations, or, too many considerations.Still working on that one:cool:And in my time away form riding and hearing here that it was just a matter of time when you drop it and I did so I got that out of the way at least.:rolleyes:

Bob, know what you mean. In my on/off time of riding since 1970, I've dropped two of mine. The first was in 1993, about 5 months, right after retiring (the day I got my first phone call from work in Somalia), I pulled into a gas station, with my 1984 Yamaha 1200 Venture Royale, rear tire didn't have as much thread as it should have, and I hit water, oil and loose gravel all at the same time, the engine guards minimized the damage on that one...but it was used anyway.
The second was the day I picked up my brand new Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Nomad and I went into my brother-in-laws house to "show it off", parked it on a downgrade with the kickstand down, but engine running. Went up to ring the doorbell and heard a crash, turned to look at my new ride...on it's side...that hurt. Same thing the engine and luggage guards saved it, just a little scratch on the bottom elbow of the guards.
Bottom line I know what you mean, and I may have to think about getting the rear "dresser bars" for at least the luggage. Just wish there was a stronger engine guard available...not too impressed with reviews on the Triumph and Rivco ones.