Zard exhaust


.060 Over
Sep 22, 2007
Anyone have those, I just have those,
I bild the bike more faitter style ,and also new carbonfiber rims seen better
just have to change to handelbars, modifade seat and rear fender
an front springs and rear shoks. + litle bit more carbon,
and new paint maby.

finland we have wintter nothin to do , only go gym and bild bike:D
Here is a video of Zard exhaust

Not recommended unless you want less horsepower.

Sounds pretty good. Backfires, they probably didn't re-tune it. The exhaust seems perfectly positioned to roast the passenger's feet.
Zard? Not again!

Zard has creeped into virtually all the Rocket III forums I am on or lurk into, with seemingly local representatives initially trying to come across as mere forum contributors... trying to help us with a "solution" ... showing off in local languages... dodging specs-related questions but ultimately throwing special discounts out... etc.

There's a fine line between pro-active marketing and nauseating propaganda:mad:.

Zard has crossed it IMO.

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Do you have dyno tested proof zard / triumph loud pipes. or only gess

There have been plenty of dyno tests on Triumph pipes. Look on You'll need to download the software and tunes for various exhaust and intake configurations. The dyno results are given in the edit notes for each tune.

I haven't seen jack on Zard performance.
On another forum , a set was fitted and on the dyno had less power than the tors .
Big bucks for no bang , purely looks only