Wow how theRocket Handles

cane corso

Apr 4, 2006
Canada, Toronto
05 Triumph rocket 111
I took my Rocket out for the fiirst time because it stoped raining and the raods was dry what a perfect day for a ride. I went to firts grear then to second and I'm saying this doesn't seen any faster then my Honda VTX 1800. So I opened it up and through it into thired I remeber saying holly **** and letting go of the thotle and not putting it in forth because I was going way to fast where I was driveing. So I brought it to some twisty to see how it handles so I know how fast I can go around with out hitting my pegs like I did with my VTX pegs . So here I go it glided around throughs cornners great. So I decided to go again put a little faster and zoom around the cornner effortlessly around the cornner and there was a little graval around part of the road that I went over that made me a little nervice but the bike didn't even notice not one slip. Wow did I ever have a grin on my face and it's still there:) So how do you know when your going to fast aound the corrner with a Rocket when you slip:)
That's a good question. You probably just need to put on some miles and have a few close calls to get a better idea of what the Rocket's limits are. It really can be the world's heaviest sport bike if you want it to be.

All I can say is be careful and push things slowly. Don't end up as a statistic. :eek:
Hey Cane

I know were my limit is, it’s when I'm side ways and I should be vertical :roll:
But seriously I don't push it to much past those little knobby things on the bottom of my pegs.
Scorched yellow is the fasts.:flame:

Well I don't think I care to have any close calls on my bike at my age. I like the idea better putting the hours on will give me the practice .And I don't think I'm crazy enough to turn sharp enough to scrape my peges. But I tell you guys something I'm glad I never had this bike when I was sixty or in my twentys I would have been crazy with it. How age slows you down or is it haveing a family as well:) So I ride like I stold it all the time on the straight aways and slow down quick befor I get a ticket. My rideing is not to bad it's just the cornners I think its because I afraid of falling the boans doesn't heel that quick anymore:)
Technically speaking to fast into a corner is when you have to slow in the corner, the proper technique for corners is to be able to maintain or slightly increase your speed in the corner. Sorry for being technical but i am a MSF Instructor ya know. The Rocket is an amazing bike for sure.

Yes it handles pretty well I must say.Lately it has been pretty nice out and there are a couple of corners I take regularly,I even turn around to take them again once in a while.It gives a thrill at 70mph.I have heard it said that ****** rockets take it at 85 but I ain't going there.My latest is goosing around turns in a heavy lean breaking traction for an instant.Just getting use out of the whole tire is all.I might be old but I sure am crazy about that stuff.

Freak, I like the way you put it. Baggagel how sharp are these cornners that your taking at 70mph? Are they soft turns? Or sharp because if there sharp I don't thing I'll go that fast for the fear of being part of the pavement.
One thing to remember is the Rocket is not a light weight crutch rocket - it is heavy and will carry good speed through a lot of corners at 9/10ths when you have to really push it go beyond 10/10ths you are really playing with fire and it will not end well if you are pushing so hard. Sure we, all myself included, push it hard sometimes you will know when you are pushing too hard been there done that - not a good feeling when it starts to go wrong (when you start to run out of road - you are pushing too hard).
If you can't stop in the distance you can see then you are going too fast. If you are going so fast around a corner that you can't apply the brakes then you are going too fast.