How To: Fit TTS Supercharger Kit (photo heavy)


Sep 28, 2015
Eatontown; New Jersey
2005 triumph rocket 3
65. Fit the cover using the four M6 bolts provided, torque down to 7 ft lbs / 9nm – you can use a drop of medium strength Loctite here for added safety – I don’t because I hav the chin spoiler over it, and I haven’t had a loosening issue with these yet – don’t forget your Rotrex sticker on the pulley


66. Refit the water pipe from cylinder head to water pump, and the water pump as per manual section 12.8 – you might have to sand down the hole in the new front cover a bit so the pump will go in – take care not to shear the o-ring – you might also need a couple of stainless steel washers to fill a gap, also the bolt pointed out in the photo needs to be taken back out to fit the water pipe to cylinder head (clean threads and re-Loctite)


67. This is what the supercharger traction fluid or oil circuit looks like;


These are the lengths I used when fitting mine;


650mm from outlet of supercharger to inlet (top) of oil radiator

1300mm from outlet (bottom) of oil radiator to inlet (top) of canister/bottle/catch can

370mm from outlet (bottom) of canister/bottle to inlet of oil filter

1500mm from outlet of oil filter to inlet of supercharger


68. Fit the supercharger to oil radiator hose to the supercharger outlet, and the oil cooler top end fitting

Note – the Rotrex circuit diagram has the radiator in a horizontal position, however we must mount it in a vertical position on the left side of the engine coolant radiator – the logic used is that if the hot oil from the supercharger flows into the top of the radiator and downward through it, heat rises naturally so will leave the oil in the opposite direction to the downward flow of the oil


69. Fit the supercharger inlet hose to the supercharger inlet also – you might get a better fit by using some elbow connectors – run both the hoses from the supercharger across the front of the engine, tucked under the lower radiator mounts, to where the oil radiator will go


70. Fit the canister/bottle/catch can in the stock air filter box, using the band clamp to hold it to one of the old air filter cover bolt holes


71. Run a hose from the bottom fitting on the oil radiator to the top fitting on the canister, taking the route of up over the engine coolant expansion bottle, under the left chassis spine, down under where the fuel tank hinges and into the stock air filter box

When will we get to listen to the beast, I hope soon!


Apr 12, 2016
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2016 Rocket Roadster
@R-III-R Turbo , since the subject of tuning has come up recently, is the tuneecu tunes for non CAN and CAN bikes from your bike?

This is vital (my opinion) to me before starting a project. That being a good base tune and someone to tune it, especially a FA motor.

Kevin frazier

Dec 22, 2018
2008 Triumph rocket 3 touring
6A535C9B-906B-4EC5-87FD-955EEF6412EF.jpeg everything is affected by speed but warp had this little puppy under his steering I spied at mv, I think for when life gets to going at a blurred pace, stabilizing the blur is important, get one of these before spirited test ride, and twist it

R-III-R Turbo

Mine is the biggest :)
Thread starter
Oct 12, 2010
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Thanks guys i'm recovering from a back injury these last 7 weeks so i'm deskbound and this kind of thing keeps me sane,
There are a few posts where the pics aren't working, some copy & paste errors that i've to fix.
Mahooosive thanks to @Joesmoe for helping out with fixing the posts.

@R-III-R Turbo , since the subject of tuning has come up recently, is the tuneecu tunes for non CAN and CAN bikes from your bike?

This is vital (my opinion) to me before starting a project. That being a good base tune and someone to tune it, especially a FA motor.

The maps linked in the Resource section are straight from the TTS website, I have not used them since my engine is different i.e. a Carpenter 240 with stage 2 supercharger on top.
So my base tune is the Carpenter one, i used the PCV to pull the fuelling into ballpark so i could run it around and then work my way up through the map using the R-III-R Turbo mobile tuning centre :)

**Not pictured here: knock analyser**

It would take a nice bit of work but one could create a TuneECU version of the TuneBoy TTS maps.

Neville Lush
Feb 26, 2007
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Firstly Art has done a great job of this post, it would greatly help some one who wants to fit a TTS kit. Above and beyond for sure. A reflection from me, looking from the other side, if I had spent goodness knows how much on my TTS kit/engine etc, I would really be a bit sketchy about slamming in a tune from some one else bike. I have seen first hand on many occasions what happens when a boosted engine takes a dump, and it never happen slowly. Be very very careful as Yosemite Sam says in the cartoon...

Cruze Ryder

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Dec 28, 2012
Pinjarra, Western Australia
Rocket 3 Classic and anything else i can get onto!
hi Art,
i havent written for years as i wrote my rocket off. hit a kangaroo at 110KPH at 5:30am on the way to work. i have just finished getting another rocket on the road and she is coming along nicely. i want to supercharge or turbo this one. your write up was fantastic! cant thank you enough for all your time and effort, well done and thanks for taking the time to post,
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