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  • Hi,
    I have been given your name by a fellow forum member. I am looking for a Rocket 3 Classic 2006 (or thereabouts) owners/service manual. Are you able to help?
    Please advise me of any costs incurred.
    Thanks in advance.
    Is it possible to get the 2010 Triumph R3R shop manual form you? I'm in need of electronic wiring diagrams. Color coded wires, my R3R has ABS. I am trying to install a trailer with electric brakes and LED lights.(Time Out camper)I also would like to install a key less ignition switch/system.
    You probably already know this but you get a digital download of the service manual for free online. Just do a search and you'll find it. I do have the hardcopy manual (the real Triumph one) that I got online for, if I remember, about $75 USD or so. There's someone on eBay that tries to sell the same thing for something like $700 or so!!!!!!!
    You MUST be the MAN. The living legend! I was informed you may be able to help me with a complete color coded wiring diagram for my 2010 Rocket 3 Roadster. If true, please help. Im trying to connect a Time Out camper to my Rocket 3 Roadster. My Rocket has ABS. NO Dealer will even look at it. I Question the Service techs.?
    i'm told you know where/how i can get a shop manual for an R3


    I have the a "real" R3 hardcopy manual. I got it for about $75 online after doing a search. It was brand new, an official Triumph manual with the plastic covers. But don't one on eBay! Someone there is trying to sell the same thing for something like $700 or $800. You can also download the same manual for free online through many sources.
    Thank you for putting the R3T shop manual on line. If you're ever in Montreal do take time to stop by and enjoy some French hospitality. Would be grand.
    The last time you and I talked in person, you mentioned a fuel tank. Would you please email me more about it.
    Thank you for the R3t service manual. If you travel to SW Michigan give me a call
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