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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Well, I have had the Rocket now for a week and here are some observations. First off when I return from Afghanistan in about 7 weeks, I believe I will really appreciate the lower deflectors and roadscreen that will be installed while I am gone. The Rocket has so much "pull" that, me being the old geezer that I am, I will appreciate the roadscreen running interference for me.

I have had a lot of appreciative comments just about anywhere I go.

The headlights appear adequate though I might get some adjustment upward on the left head light.

The gas tank is big.

The 89 octane requirement was a surprise but liveable and I have gotten a lot of good comments about it.

The horn needs some improvement to say the least. After being used to the Gold Wing horn (now that is a horn(s)), I have to say this is one area that was disappointing though I know some of you have addressed this, looks like I will have to address this real "wimpy" sounding horn.

Overall, I am very glad I took the plunge (was originally considering the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 or the Yamaha Stratoliner).

I have 443 miles so far (with two non-riding days this week), looks like I will have the 500 milestone reached by tomorrow or Saturday so that i can also get that service out of the way.

I am getting about 143 miles before my low fuel light comes on, about 32 miles to the gallon, hopefully that will go up as I accumulate more miles and get the 1st service out of the way.

The "idiot" lights are actually pretty functional and show up well even during bright sunlight.

Thanks for all the advice.:)
3 dtg!!!:(
I think modifying the Rocket to our own personal tastes is a process that goes on forever:D. I guess thats part of the fun of having a bike. I get a lot of ideas from websites, but I like to check out other people's bikes at rallies and see what they have done. Some of the ideas are good... some are just plain goofy. It seems like I try a lot of stuff that just doesn't work out for me before I land on something I like. Its only money....

For some reason my horn isn't a real big problem for me. I wonder if I have the one horn that actually works correctly, I kinda doubt it. I'm sure someday when I'm bored I'll do something with it, just so I'm not left out...
Sounds like you are getting to know the new baby pretty well. Your mileage should go up as she breaks in. I used to get 40 with the stock tune. Now I get 34 with the Tune Boy tune. The shifting will get much smoother also. The stock horn sounds like a VW Beetle unit.

I just ignore the low fuel lite. I fill up at 180 miles, or 200 if I'm on the highway.

Usually when I buy something big, I go through a period of kicking myself in the butt and thinking I made a mistake. I never felt that about the Rocket!

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One of my favorite reads on this site are new owner evaluations. Yours Molinaman is no exception.
In many ways our Rockets are still very raw and under developed, despite being manufactures for 4+ years now. As odd as some of the delinquencies seem, i.e. fuel gage accuracy, weak horn, and cheesy plastic chrome accents, just to name a few, Triumph got it right where it counts. Power train, chassis, drive-ability, and the all important "it" factor, just to name a few.
Every time I hear one of you guys talking about his Rocket I want to go out and ride to see what it is you are referring to or experience the same feeling right away. I can't think of another toy I own that does that to me:) .
I will say that you don't miss much Molinoman.Yes the beast will stretch the arms a good inch :).It only took me learn to hang on or develope the muscle to be able to hang on during spirited acceleration.:eek: And we all know how that feels.:D.Now I have noticed when I have the wind shield on with the lowers that the sensation of acceleration is not neatly as noticeable and that is one of the main reasons I ride .:eek: