Darkside Weight Limitation

Discussion in 'The Dark Side' started by Marc Habel, Jun 30, 2018.

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    Don't know if I should write this here . Last Tuesday I installed a BF Goodrich G Force CT 205/55/16 on my 2012 R3T. I've put 700 Km on it already. Cornering was really great but the straight line was really bad if there were any kind of groves in the road. The tire wants to go straight so when turning you really had to work it hard. I still have not figured out how to explain the how it felt at 140-150km, but I can say it did not feel right. Here in Quebec my home province the road are so bad that I'm going back to my Exedra Max. If I was doing a road trip anywhere in Canada other than Quebec I would have a CT. Size 195/60/16 no larger for the Touring. I honestly believe that a 205 is too wide for the Touring. It was really interesting to try but it didn't work for me. Just putting it out there for those that might have any questions about DS on the Touring.
    The 205 also gave me a false reading on the speedo of 9% slower than GPS. So 100km Gps I was doing 91km on my speedo. Also my rpm was a little bit higher.
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    You have to give darkside longer than a week. Been there for years …. Lots of stuff on this forum, some positive, some negative and some ignorant.
    Give it a go. My wife and I are just a little lighter and she loves the solid feel of the DS tyre and its softer as you only run them 28 to 32lbs. I do lots of long solo stuff, over some dodgy roads. yeah, you road groove every now and again. You are always looking for the sweet spot on different camber roads, young blokes on crotch rockets snigger until I pass them up the road and drop bears fall out of trees with the sheer beauty of a big a**ed Rocket going by.
    Just do it:thumbsup:
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