BackOFF Running Lights


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Nov 25, 2006
Heart of Dixie (Alabama)
Installing a BackOff tail light / brake light "upgrade" was a bit of a chore to be sure. The set up required a second module (included) that balances left and right turn signals. Exactly what it does can be explained by the manufacturer. Without it the blinker (turn signal) relay doubles it's speed but failes to power the rear signals. .

There is a bit of a snag to begin with. The turn signal + wires are not colored coded for left and right at the distal ends (signal ends). And, there's no need to cut into the - black grounds, unless you are going the shorter route for a ground connection. I ran a lead to a previously installed underseat ground block. I soldered all connections.

Finding a viable (full) 12v power, other than the battery, was a final ordeal. Ended up skagging in on a relay under the left side cover. I now have rear turn signals that illuminate brightly when braking and operate as running lights, as well as normal turn signals.

This is one of numerous options to increase the awareness of following vehicles to your presence.

The OEM turn signal bulbs are 5 watt. I'm going to see whether 8 watt blue bulbs are remarkably brighter. The 8 watts bulbs should be better on the braking function. If I could find replacement RED lens for the rear turn signals I'd go there as well.
I installed Kuryakyn's Universal Run-Brake-Turn controller over the weekend #4710 and it was pretty straight forward. I used the load equalizer provided and installed LED turn signals.

Custom dynamics sells 1157 replacement bulbs for the OEM brake light and OEM turn signals.

I got the power from the license plate illuminator circuit... tapped the brake circuit and turn signal circuits (all under the right hand side panel) and ran both ground to one of the bolts on the frame.

The tricky part was tapping into the correct wire in the brake light harness. I tapped into the blue wire in the output side of the three-wire brake harness. Now I have the 3 flash and then steady on that I was looking for.

On my bike ('06) the right turn signal harness has a red band around the protective tubing so it's easliy identifiable.
I wonder if any of the new LED bulbs would be any brighter too.

The LED bulbs vary considerably, according to one or another more or less familiar cycle accessory review site. Going cheap or with less than the latest technological advancement in leds is not likely to get any brighter than "stock". The price on the most up to date bulbs is nothing to sneeze at.

The need for the load equalizer for LEDs is mute. You need it in any case, in my short (only) experience, with the RIII.

I accomplished the wiring installation under the fender. The lisence plate 12v supply was a good choice. I wish I'd have thought of it.

HeR3tic:Your right about that.Back when I went all leds they were classed as (L.E.D.s)(Super L.E.D.s)and (Hyper L,E,D.s)get the hyper,they are amazing. Jack
Don't put the BackOFF XP device(s) under the fender.

That was a major screw-up. The wife and I went for a day cruise for the first time since the install. Both turn signals, the plate illumination bulb/harness and the modulator devices were ripped out from the underside. I thought Gorilla Glue was good stuff (vibration must have broken the grip) and those Alabama speed bumps (CSX RxR crossings) didn't help either. The dear little woman only added 112#. Now having to rebuild the wiring harness; and, blew 3 fuses.