2008: What's in Store?


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Mar 7, 2006
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Some of us bought their Rocket back in '04 (I did) or early '05 and, since then, lodged tens of thousands of miles on them.

The question is this: What should customer loyalty-conscious (I'd hope:confused:) Hinckley do to the '08 Rocket (and/or various versions thereof) to entice us to consider trading our current mounts in?:

1. More bling?
2. More displacement and/or power?
3. A 6th OD-type gear?
4. Better cornering clearance?
5. More comfort (including --but not limited to-- better suspension)?
6. A true tourer, i.e with full fairing, hard bags, luggage rack... etc.
7. Better overall quality and/or dependability (ref. to such "common issues" issues as chrome pitting, erratic idling, tranny and /or diff problems...)
8. More on-board electronic toys... radio... CD player... GPS... tuning options... airbags :)eek:)...
9. Extended warranty... free maintenance for 2 or 3 years... automotive-type service contracts...?
10. ....

I realize the stew is probably simmering already. But that should not prevent us from expressing ourselves about how palatable we expect it to be, should it?.

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I am betting that the Rocket as we know it will be the same, however if not in '08 then in '09 there will be the full blown touring Rocket like we have seen in the spy photos. My dealer said that the U.S. dealer meeting will be held at Hinckley in '08 for the '09 model year introductions because there is going to be some major changes and several new models. I would think the list would include middle weight crusier and liter class sport bike.

I also bet it will be a while before they up the CC's and HP because after four years there is nothing yet to exceed it.
I would just be happy with electronic cruise control myself. I don't really have any great wishes or dreams for my rocket that I haven't done already.
I'd really like to see Triumph build a sportbike that broke the 10-second barrier. I get so tired of hearing about Busas and ZX-14s and GXRs. Come on Triumph!
More Goodies

Like several of the Captains I'd like to see a few things

1. ABS brakes
2. Electronic Cruise Control
3. 6 speed (OD)
4. Reverse (so I don't always have to back in)

The only other wish would be a way to seat the passenger facing me and still be able to see where in the %&(* I was going!:cool:
More cornering clearance would be great, as would real cruise control. A reverse would also be handy. [I have on occasion had to ask for help backing that beast up.]
Shoot... for the most part, Triumph doesn't do model changes at all. Instead, they just introduce a replacement model, i.e. Thunderbird line-Bonneville line, Daytona 600/650-Daytona 675, Trident/Trophy-dropped, Daytona 955-dropped. None of these were ever updated, just left to live out their model life and then replaced by a totally different machine, or dropped. The Sprint, Tiger and, Speed Triple have faired well though, so maybe we have a chance there.

I agree with Flip though, new paint schemes... maybe a couple of new accessories.. and maybe the "full touring" model, although, I seem to get around the country pretty good on mine as it is.

As far as a wish list.. a revised transmission to take full advantage of the torque and HP we have, of course, that may push us faster than Triumph is willing to let the Rocket go.. :)