1. Groatski

    2012 Rocket Roadster rear seat removal

    Seat removal on the Rocket seems to be a popular forum subject, but I can't seem to find an answer to my specific problem. I just bought a 2012 Roadster about a week ago. The seat is in 2 parts, the main rider seat and a small passenger 'pad' on the rear fender. The main seat I was able to...
  2. Jason Jurgens

    Want to Buy Seat wanted

    Does anyone have a more comfortable seat than stock for a 2006 classic? The minister of finance has approved some budget to make her more comfortable but I'd thought I'd look here first. Corbins are available here in Oz but at $1000....ouch!
  3. Big Gun

    Russell Day-Long Solo Seat

    Sold Heavy Duty springs. All Leather with a Cover. Set up for 6'2" 240 lbs Rider. The dimples are from my Bead Rider, I would think they would come out after some use but I don't know for sure. Got it in June of 2016 Came off my 2013 Roadster $400.00 OBO + shipping to cont US Only.
  4. Navigator

    Want to Buy R3 Touring Solo Seat

    If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. I've got two full touring seats but don't haul any passengers on any of my bikes so am looking for the solo seat. I've not seen very many of them so am not sure of availability.
  5. Navigator

    Touring Solo Seat

    My 09 Touring came with two seats, the standard and the whatever you call it touring seat with the backrest and what I believe is a leather seat top., Soooo. I finally figured out this evening how remove the Touring backrest/rack. When I bought it from my terminally ill friend I asked if he...
  6. rocketrookie

    R3 Classic Touring seat

    Can anyone with this seat advise if any other brands of rider backrests will fit the square hole for backrest? I found a touring seat with the hole for a backrest at a dealer for $186. But they said the backrest is out of stock.
  7. rocketrookie

    Seat fitment?

    Does anyone know if a Touring seat will fit a Classic? I have a 2007 Classic, and I'm trying to find a way to fit a rider backrest.
  8. canecorso

    Custom seat

    ****** Highest bidder as of Feb 28 10:12pm EST is $175 USD by Dealer ********** What: Up for AUCTION is a custom Triumph Rocket seat. With 1/2" medical polymer (not gel). When: Auction ends February 28, 2018, midnight EST How: Highest bidder wins - No minimum. Winner pays shipping cost (based...
  9. Ishrub

    For Sale **SOLD** on eBay 08-16 Triumph Rocket III Corbin Dual Touring Seat

    Not mine, but could interest some. 08-16 Triumph Rocket III Corbin Dual Touring Seat | eBay
  10. El Toro Rosso

    SOLD R3T tall windshield, Russell seat, locking gas cap

    Just a heads up. If you’re interested, I’ve listed the above referenced items on eBay. I’m asking very modest prices and am subsidizing the real shipping costs. I’ve also got a 2015 and earlier official service manual that I haven’t listed yet. 2015 would cover all years since there were...
  11. RacerX74

    For sale R3 Gel Dual seat

  12. Bone crusher

    Metcruze Seats

    I thinkijng of getting one of these Aussie made touring seats and was seeing what other members who have them found them for comfort and quality. Im 6'1" so that may play into the comfort factor. Thanks
  13. chocksa

    For Sale SOLD R3 Touring Corbin Seat

    Selling Corbin Dual Touring seat. Bought the seat for my 2015 R3 Touring hoping it would lower my seating height. Unfortunately it did not. Decided to go a different direction. Seat is like new. Less than 500miles on it. Will sell for $300 or best offer.
  14. Willyone

    Seat With Driver Backrest

    Is there a company that makes a solo driver seat with a backrest for the 2009 and later Roadster? I checked with Mustang Seats (here in the US), and they do make a solo with a back rest for the Touring, but not for the Roadster. btw.... I'm still looking for a Rocket, so I don't need the...
  15. M

    Looking for good custom seat for Rocket 3 Custom

    I have an 06 Rocket # Custom that i recently purchased, the stock seat is very uncomfortable, i take long trips and need something good without spending a thousand dollars. Anyone have suggestions, other than Mustang and Corbin, which are both very expensive.I had an Ultimate on my last bike, i...
  16. canecorso

    What year of seat?

    I bought this seat awhile ago thought it was for a 05 but the back part wouldn't click it, So fooling around with it I end up putting a half inch plastic spacer behind the bracket moving it forward. Then putting a half inch hard foam underneath, and it now fits a 05:) I guess it's for a earlyer...
  17. Slim Pickens

    For Sale K&N under seat filter/ dome smoke indicator covers

    Both new, in box and unused. K&N 55$ Indicator covers and amber bulbs 25$ free shipping to U.S. Thanks
  18. Allan S

    For Sale SOLD ....Corbin Classic Solo seat - fits Classic and Roadster '04-'17

    Black on black leather Corbin solo saddle with chrome studs - built in covered bracket for backrest (not included but I have a line on one if you want it). This seat is in fantastic condition all round although not new. Selling for about half the price of a new one at $250 USD plus shipping...
  19. ThingKing

    Want to Buy Roadster Front Seat

    Anybody have a spare front seat (location Europe)? Thanks
  20. Navigator

    For Sale Stock R3 Touring seat

    I have a stock Touring seat that came off of my 2009. I believe it has never been used other than sitting on the bike in the Triumph show room. The previous owner bought the upgraded tour seat from the dealership when he bought the bike. He gave me all of his spare stuff, take offs etc...
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