Reunited with Lucille


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Mar 8, 2006
Carthage N.C. U.S.A.
Got Lucille back from the dealer Saturday. [Thats my bike, not my girlfriend.] Cost me a little over 300 bucks, but it sounds great. Service manager said they pulled the chain and measured it, checked all sprockets and guides and tensioner, and all looked like new. [Triumph paid for that part.] I paid 2.8 hours labor and for a bunch of shims. [Service Manager was crying that it took his guy eight hours, not my problem.] Talked with the man at length about how the valves being tight could cause a noise. He said the Triumph people swear that when the valves are too tight on this engine it sets up a chatter in the camshaft. I'm still not convinced about that part, but the paint can rattle is definately gone. Will it stay gone? I don't know. For now, I'm gonna ride more and worry less! :D
Good for you Wilbur.I have to do all that myself..Did they have the shims In stock? Ride It like you stole It...Jack
Congrats, old sport:). When I first read "Reunited with Lucille" , I thought you were desperately peddling unsold tickets for yet another Little Richard's comeback show :D in order to finance your Rocket maintenance.

I'd have bought a dozen, of course;). Jamie
Reunited ( Not the song)

WT..... Glad all is back to normal with the old girl. After reading about the "Paint Can Rattle" for a while, I realized my hearing isn't good enough to detect it anyway and I'm sure not going to let some stranger ride the beast just to listen for it.

I've never been a fan of the quote " No news is good news" so maybe I'll have one of the local KC Riders give it a spin around the block and tell me if they hear anything.

Rubber side down!
Congrats on getting your leading lady back..

WT Glad to hear you have reconciled with your sweatie. Sounds like the dollars you spent were well worth the piece of mind. :p
I on the other hand listen very close to the Silver Bullet every time we go on a road trip. So far so good but... I only have warranty until December 07. Thinking maybe the escalated pricing for extended warranty on the R3 may well be worth the price. Good Luck SB.
My warranty runs out next month, so I was hoping to get the timing components replaced under warranty. Apparently Triumph did not see it that way. They did not have the shims in stock. I might replace that crank gear myself, later. Now I need to reload my tuneboy tune and get her back like she was before the Triumph techs "fixed it" with their "correct tune" Feels flat and pops like hell on decel.
Why give your bike a GIRLS name Girls are slower than men Girls are weaker than men so why give your bike a Girls name:mad: I call my bike Rocket 111 not Rocketta but Rocket 111:)

You've never met my Amy. She's big, bad and wears the pants in this house and I have no problem with that. If you think I'm kidding just ask Bart. Her brother knows.:)

Wilbur....I'm glad it all came out okay. I heard Kawasaki shims fit but I'm not sure which bike interchanges.