Reunited with Lucille

Wilbur, not me. I don't use bathroom stalls as a rule. Remember I'm a truck driver at heart. The space between the back of the sleeper and the drive tires is my bathroom.....

I always carry a roll of toilet paper in the farm tractors too. I've been known to fertilize the edges of fields on occasion.

Time for a true story;
Some years back I was in Pennsylvania in the Kinzua National Forest doing some fly fishing for trout. I was way back in the woods on a little tributary and the call of nature came. I was fresh out of toilet paper so I used my BVD's and hung them in a nearby tree. 3 years later I went back to that very same spot to fish again and my undies were still hanging in the tree, washed by 3 years of rain and snow and gently bleached by the sunlight filtering down through the trees. I packed them up and brought 'em home.

I'm not sure what the moral of that story is, but it reminds me of one. I was fishing with a group of guys out on Drum Inlet on the outer banks of NC. I guess I ate something that did not agree with me. About 3am I stumbled out of the tent to go puke in the sand dunes, but when I did, I spewed out of both ends. I took the camp shovel and buried my underwear in the sand, walked out in the ocean and washed off, put on some clean undies and went back to sleep. The next morning I told my story to the guys I was fishing with and for the next three days got kidded about the hermit crabs wearing my underwear. :eek:

Glad LUCILLE is back home where she belongs. Enjoy what's left of the season without the "SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL". I don't care what anybody says, Little Richard although awful "Light on his Feet", if you know what I mean, produced some great Rock and Roll.