RedLine Water Wetter


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Nov 25, 2006
Heart of Dixie (Alabama)
Has anyone gone to such a product, other than myself?

The extreme heat over the past month here in the Heart of Dixie has made daytime riding almost unbearable. I've just changed the coolant and added the RedLine Water Wetter product. My Sunday morning ride, since the change, was under <90 ambient heat; I sat on my ass today. So far I am able to say: the engine operating temp. has been effectively decreased by at least 10 degrees, based on my analog oil gage reading. Oil temp during the 100+ heat, without the additive, was 208F. Prior to the heat wave (90-95) the oil temp was running 192. It was 180F after the addition. The real measure will be with the return of the 100+ daytime temperatures.

Added: this past winter and early spring the oil gage indicated 182F.
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I have used a similar product when I had my Thunderbird Sport. I never did any official measuring of temperature, but I can say that the cooling fan did not come on nearly as often, which is a good thing. When the fan comes on on the TBS, it blows the hot air from the radiator directly to your ******... lol

We use to use Wetter in our SCCA race car. It woks great. The only draw back is I don't know if it has any anti rust or scale agents in it but it doe's work. Not a bad product for us in TX.
90 degrees = 175 degree

After several days of to and fro, work commute, I'm happy to report a significant reduction in oil temperature reading. With the daytime temp at 90F the oil temp was 175. This is lower than during this past winter and spring when oil temp was running 182F* regardless of the ambient temps. Quite surprising and but not unbelievable, was the oil temp after this evening ride home, 25miles, at a very leisurely pace: 150F; but the drizzle or light rain may have had a significant impact. The ambient temp was 75. I hope I'm not looking at a freeze up.:D

I didn't mix anti-freeze with the water and the Wetter agent; but will before the winter sets in. The performance of the Water Wetter is said to be best without anti-freeze. Their tests were conducted with a V-8 and they tout a 20F degree reduction without anti-freeze. I expect at least the 20 degree reduction, with the RocketIII, and won't be surprised to see more reduction. It does contain anti rust and corrosion inhibitors. I use distilled water.

*splitting hairs on the analog gage.
I'm confused (again)... what is showing the reduction in temperature? The oil temps or the coolant temps?
Tomo, good question? I don't have a water temp gage., I wish I did! Only the Rivco analog* oil temp gage. Granted; one is not the same as the other but they are relatives.

I am open to any point of order. Anyone have an opposite point of view why cooler oil/heads doesn't means a longer life for everyone, thing.

*which I've said does require spitting hairs to read, close to accurate.
At my age, that might not be a bad thing.:D

:DCount on Flip to get wet and smelly:D Seriously Flip, the Flipmeister Clamps are #1!!

Seriously, if Water Wetter is damaging I want to know at this infant stage. The estimated 15-20 degree oil temp drop has got to mean tremendous heat is being taken away from the cylinders: I'm SOLD. Less, pre-ignition influence at the very least. Stock intake air is heated as well: NO GOOD! Particularly, Classics with wind screen and lowers.

I honestly have experienced stronger grunt this week, with about a 10 degree max heating temperature drop, and with the Wetter onboard. Temperatures lately, during the commute, was near 90. The analog gage would read 192 previously; but today with the same temp, after the Wetter was installed, the oil temp was 175. That's considerable.
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I've been riding the Rock at night coming home from class and my header glows dull red all the way down past the o2 sensor at freeway speeds. I can most certainly light my Marlboro Reds on the exhaust. Just for grins, last night I pulled over real quick and shot the header with my Ray-Tech infrared digital thermometer. 1135 degrees. It'e wierd to look down next to your right leg and observe a toaster.....:eek: