PIAA Driving Lights


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Jun 22, 2007
Elk Grove, CA
Anyone have PIAA lights on their Rocket? If so, how did they work out? Any install/wiring issues I should ne aware of?

I want to add some light, but I am more interested in increasing forward lighting than addidng fog lights, so I don't need/want the Triumph lights.

My rocket is an 07 Classic Tourer.

Sylvainia SilverStars

Sorry, I may be incorrect on the actual Sylvanais but I believe it's Silverstar. They retail for $40/pair and quite white! PIAA lamps are bright and perhaps brighter. But the Sylvania replacement bulbs are quite bright without hurting the oncoming traffic. It could be you.
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H4 Extreme White Plus

I had them put in about 2 years ago. While changing them over, the mechanic left the OEM in one side and the H4 in the other and turned on the ignition. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

They're pricey at almost $50 per bulb......but they've held up well and I'm very pleased with their output both in lumen's and color.

They operate with the OEM wiring....... just change out the bulbs.
Actually, I am talking about the auxiliary PIAA lights that attach to the fender down low.

I found a great deal for the PIAA extreme white anti-vibration H4 bulbs at Cyclegadgets.com - they have all PIAA bulbs for 20% off through Christmas, can get a two-pack of these bulbs for something like $68.00.
nemaste are you reflecting on the caliper mounted lights?

That $68 dollar replacement PIAA bulb set is much more reasonable. I'm intrigued with the possibility that they might be better than the SilverStars. I'm going to give them a try-out. I'll do the same one bulb PIAA and one bulb SilverStars for comparison.

A cheap zenon set ran $20, a pair of Sylvania SilverStars ran $40 (which I say are more than adequate), and a off-season, not right now specials, set of PIAAs run 80$, mol. As long as the truckers aren't flashing me signals or blinding me 'cause I'm blinding them, I'll give them a go.
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