oxford hot grips


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Feb 1, 2008
just installed oxford hot grips on the rocket, after reading article on web bike world about them. the install was a little time consuming but not too tuf. they come with a 3 way toggle switch (hi, lo, off). on hi the heat came through my gloves in 10 min. then turned to low and rode with warm hands. outside temp about 35 f. 60mph. $109.00 these things are totally pimping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not oxford!

Jeese, what a dummy i am. grips are not made by oxford! name of co. is just hot grips..........www.HotGrips.com Also check out the reviews on grips at webBikeWorld.com
I have the Triumph heated grips and no matter which kind you buy, they are nice. I love them. I had no idea I would like them so much until I installed them and tried them out.
I looked at their site and I'm quite motivated. What specific part number did you get. Do you use a ThrottleMeister? My rides in or from work at either 4am or 8 pm are so often this winter in 30 degree weather, I would very much appreciate warm fingers. Lobster Claw gloves are good for only so much wind chilling effect.
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