1. instant

    For Sale SOLD: GIpro ATRE G1 Gear Position Indicator + Bracket

    Never used, just unpacked. Works for all Rocket III Standard/Touring 2004-2015. Red color display, EASY TO READ :) Adding custom CNC milled aluminium bracket (cradle) as bonus. 80 Euros / 90 USD, SEPA or Paypal. EU & U.S. economy shipping is included. product website: GIpro ATRE G1 - HealTech...
  2. Bedifferent

    GIPro-ATRE Mount Design

    Well...Merry Christmas to me! I've been working on my Healtech GIPro-ATRE mount for my Rocket touring over the last several days and finally finished it up today. I thought I would post some pictures of the design and how it will be mounted. It is mounted between the two halves the handlebar...
  3. Bedifferent

    GIPro ATRE Gearshift Indicator Questions

    I have been reading several posts about this topic on the forum, but I looking for some specifics. Has anyone installed the GIPro ATRE on their Rocket 3 Touring? I ran across several discussions for this item on the forum and did some research on it. It seems like a pretty cost effective add...
  4. cardinal93

    For Sale SOLD--GiPro w/ATRE

    Have a GiPro w/ATRE for sell. Never got around to putting it on and don't plan to now. The LED is red.
  5. dbutton12

    GIPro w/ ATRE,,,,DLC use??

    I am considering the GIPro but I see it utilizes the Data link Connector (DLC). I have been using the Scangauge and keep it permanently mounted on the bike, but it too uses the DLC. Has anyone tried to splice into the data circuit(s) and use two devices at the same time??? I know in automotive...
  6. CanberraR3

    GIPro + ATRE relearn

    Is anyone able to post or PM me the instructions for resetting the GIPro. Mines decided it's in 5th when I'm in neutral and has forgotten how to count - bit like me actually. :rolleyes: Can't find them on the Healtech site or anywhere else for that matter. Thanks in advance.
  7. GI Pro ATRE

    I installed the unit and I was impressed by the improvement in throttle response. I also noticed that at low speeds the bike would surge almost like it wanted to go faster. I did the 12 minute tune and most of it went away. For the change in the way it accelerates I am content with a little surging.
  8. GIPro /ATRE screwing up

    My GIPro is screwing up. When I put it in 1st the number 1 dims and the unit will begin making a clicking sound almost like a turn signal. The bike will begin to miss-fire. When I go to 2nd. it shows a bright 1 but will then run good. Third gear will show a 3 sometime will stay 1. When i'm in...
  9. Bright Brown

    GIpro/ATRE dealers

    I'm looking for a GIpro/ATRE, is ther any dealers in Alberta or do I just purchase one online?
  10. tekardi

    Just installed GiPro Atre no changes notice plus....

    Just installed GiPro Atre no changes noticeable plus.... Hello today I installed a new GiPro w Atre in my bike , sensation was no noticeable changes plus like all gears are the same? Does anybody felt that? Other issue is that bike won't start with the foot pedal down and in neutral .....have I...
  11. JoseyR3Wales

    GiPro w/ATRE question

    Once the government returns the excess money they took from me I am going to finally buy the above. What setting is the best for an 06 Classic ? IYHO :)
  12. johnreeder


    I have an 05 with Jars, K&N box filter, and a Power Commander III. I installed a GIPRO/ATRE and can't tell any difference in acceleration. The only thing that seemed to change was my top end. Has anyone had this experience or does it make sense with the other options I have?
  13. ro6ert

    GiPro with ATRE for Sale

    ...under classifieds. GiPro w ATRE - R3Owners Classifieds
  14. Phil R

    can anyone email or post the users manual/instructions for the Gi-Pro w/atre?

    I installed and set it up a while back but I've had to disconnect the battery since then, and now I can't find "that good spot to keep the manual so I wouldn't forget where I put it". I want to double check that I'm getting the most bang for my bucks! Thanks, Phil R prosenkranz at...

    Special thanks to rdhanu (Rob) for taking the time to put this together! TRIUMPH ROCKET III (Standard/Classic) – GI PRO w/ATRE INSTALL 1)The Gi Pro w/ATRE package should contain the following: i) Instructions for install + user’s guide ii) Gi Pro iii) Additional cable with black and...
  16. OE-Guy

    GIPro w/ATRE on 2009 Roadster- WHERE

    Okay, Just got a shiny new (metaphorically speaking) new GIPro and can't for the life of me decide where to put the display. There is nothing between the Speedo and RPM gauges so where should I place it. The space between the gauges is smaller than the display. Any help is appreciated. rac
  17. jaredmt

    GiPro w/ ATRE on the Roadster

    Ok people, time for some updates. I have the GiPro on my roadster and have been working with the guys at GiPro to check things out (as it's the first Roadster test). Everything hooks up fine, so instructions haven't changed. The Roadster does have the pink wire, like the Touring (instead of...
  18. Gi Pro Installed on my R3T

    Gi Pro Installed on my R3T

    Just mounted to the Bars with the provided velcro strips.
  19. Gi Pro Installed on my R3T

    Gi Pro Installed on my R3T

    Just mounted to the Bars with the provided velcro strips.
  20. Gi Pro Installed on my R3T

    Gi Pro Installed on my R3T

    Just mounted to the Bars with the provided velcro strips.