Possible electrical hazzard


.060 Over
Sep 9, 2006
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Everyone with a Rocket should take a few minutes to check out a possible problem with the power relay holders located behind the left side cover, beneath the seat. (the cover with the Rocket logo on it) Check the relay holders for cracking and splitting which could lead to the relays comming loose and bouncing around behind the metal side cover. Mine are about to fall apart. This should be a warranty issue...as i will find out on my next trip to Tulsa. Also missing my battery hold down strap which was doing the same thing. If found, please dispose of properly! Thanks:D . Bigern
Triumph's self destructing rubber parts...


You might be interested to know that if you have a Bonneville (like I do in addition to the R3), the rubber battery strap is good for about 3 years and then crumbles away. I presume the relay holders are made from the same ozone attracting material. You have to wonder about the brake lines.......:eek:

I take it you are saying the R3 could turn into a toaster after a few years?? 2 slicer or 4 slicer? I know, 3 slicer.
Thanks Big,will look into it as I wash it down tomorrow morning.Lost an exhaust cover bolt last week they replaced it and loctited the rest.